Nov 16, 2009

TUESDAY 091117

For Time:

Three rounds of:
Deadlift 275 pounds, ten reps
Ten burpees

Post time to comments.

Don't be a hero on this one. Go with a weight you can reasonably deadlift four or five times, not just once. Probably somewhere between half to two-thirds of your 1 rep max. Take the time to reset fully for each rep.

Remember, intensity trumps volume, and the guys this WOD is designed for have a 500-pound deadlift. Yeah, that's alot.


jeffrey.paine said...

7:20 as Rxed.

Michael said...

scaled deadlift to 2/3 of 1RM = 205
Probably should have done a bit more, but it was good to focus on form as I got tired with this work weight.

Russ said...

6:30-ish, scaled to 205', which is 2/3 of 1RM.

I took the "don't be a hero" advice on this one.

Nice work on the 275 Jeff.

upty03 said...

As RX'ed, 6:00.

RW said...

9:00 rxd

I changed my deadlift form which I think will be good in the long run, but right now it has made the deadlift alot more difficult.

Toby said...


scaled deadlift to 225

J. O'B said...

Scaled to 195# (2/3 of 1RM)

J. Bell said...

As Rx'ed: 8:40

Max said...

8:49 as Rx'd

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE burpees with my very soul!

Wayne L said...

5:13 as Rxd

D_E_K said...

6:10, 115# on the deadlift.

And burpees are still better than box jumps!

Wayne L said...

I'm a retard

scaled to 225# not done as rxd

Gary said...

Scaled to 225#

C.L. said...


DL: 1st rd - As rx'd, 2nd rd - 245#, 3rd rd - 225#

craigrr said...

5:18 as Rx'd

John McGrady said...

scales to 185# on DL, could probably do more, don't think I have the right form


Nick said...

5:07 as rx'ed .. did 225 on deads

KGray said...

DL at 95lbs.

I think I might have been able to go with slightly more weight, but not much.


MAJ Lynn W. Ray said...

Deadlift @ 135lbs