Nov 18, 2009


Reminder that Harney Gym is closed from 0730 until 1700 for Level II Training. Great turnout today for the Functional Fitness Facility ribbon cutting!

Two WODs will be offered due to the availability of gyms:

WOD 1 (early morning Harney crew)
15 rounds of:
2 Front Squats (80% of 1RM, try last week's 2 rep rounds as a reference)
5 Pullups
Start each round on the minute.

WOD 2 (those not in the early morning Harney crew, who will use Gruber Gym:
100 pullups for time
Each time you come off the bar as required, you add:
10 Push-ups
25 squats
50m run (b-ball court)
Post total time for comment.


upty03 said...

200# rx'ed

jeffrey.paine said...

165# on fs, as rxed.

Russ said...

165# ft squat, as RX'd.

You know, when there's a fairly manageable workout on Thursday, that leads me to believe there is PAIN coming on Friday before the weekend. We'll see tomorrow.

Gary said...

Pull up circuit.
Definitely not easy.
Had to scale some of the pull ups to jumping p/u.

John McGrady said...

Did the pullups
got a rip on PU 83
scaled to jumping PUs after

C.L. said...

Completed FS and PU WOD tonight:

175# on FS (1RM = 215) rx'd