Nov 29, 2009

MONDAY 091130

Enjoy your last week of Ryan's programming! Thanks Ryan, well done.

10 minute AMRAP of:

15 Bodywt Deadlifts
9 Pullups
21 Push presses (75#)

Post number of rounds for comment.


jeffrey.paine said...

Do we get to know the extra special Ryan Wylie add-on before Monday morning? 10 minutes seems far too sporting. . .

Russ said...

See you at the 1600 APFRI in the AM.

Also, how do we activate the free 1-year CF journal subscription from the Cert?

jeffrey.paine said...

Russ - got to the main website and click on journal. From there, look on the left side for "subscribe." After that opens, scroll to the bottom and select renew my subscription or start a subscription, whichever applies. The next page should have you fill out all your vital info and have spot for entering the code they sent us.

jeffrey.paine said...

3 rounds + 3 deadlifts as RXed.

upty03 said...

3 rounds + 10 push press as RX'ed

RW said...

O/H Squats
1x5 @ 75lbs
1x5 @ 95lbs
1x5 @ 95lbs
1x5 @ 115lbs
1x5 @ 125lbs
1x5 @ 135lbs

METCON = 3rds +17 Push Press (BW =195)

stimey1975 said...

My office mate (Teresa) and I found out how much dead lifts suck. As Rx'd: 1.5.
I'm out at Leavenworth for 10 days for a Design Practicum- do you guys workout at a regular time?

Chris said...

2 rnds + 12 DL
scaled DL to 185# (BW:210)

J. O'B said...

2 2/3 rds + 6 push press
Scaled DL to 175# (Body Wt = 195#)

Wayne L said...

3 rounds as rxd

had 20 seconds to spare but couldn't find the motivation to do any more deadlifts

Phil B said...

Jeff, you are correct, I did not put the strength workout on the original posting. Will fix for tomorrow.

As rx'd with 165# for DL.

4 rounds + 14 DL's.

John McGrady said...

OHS were 65, 85, 85, 95 105, 115
METCON 3 rds and 4 DL
185 BW

Nick said...

3 rds
205 on the deads

MAJ Lynn W. Ray said...

2 rounds as required

135lbs. on the deadlifts
45lbs. on the Push Press

Russ said...

OH Squats were 35-65# by the end.

WOD = 3 rds and thru 15 pushpress

Michael said...

1x5 @ 65
1x5 @ 85
1x3 @ 95
1x5 @ 105
1x5 @ 115
1x5 @ 125

3 rds + 10 DL
as RX'd with 195# bodyweight

Brian said...

I was sick Mon, so I made this up on Tue. I thought I would get 2 rnds as Rx'd. I actually only got 1 rnd as Rx'd, then had nothing left for pullups on rnd 2. I scaled those back to jumping pu's, then stripped 10# from the push presses. Even scaled, fell a few PP's short of 2 rounds.

J. Bell said...

As Rx'ed" 4 rounds

KGray said...

115 lbs for DL
Pull ups w/green band
Push Press with 35lbs

1 round + 15 DLs + 6 pull ups

Gary said...

3rds as rx'd

craigrr said...

3 rds + 1 Push Press BW=175

made up for Mon