Nov 22, 2009

MONDAY 091123

For Weight:

Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1

Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

Post Wt. for comment


RW said...

SP = 135 x 5
PP = 155, 155, 145, 145, 145
PJ = 155, 145,155, 145, 155


20-15-10-5 Ankles to Bar

Brian said...

SP: 115-110-110-110-115
PP: 145-145-145(2,F)-140-140-140
PJ: 140(4,F)-135-F
Nothin' left for remaining PJ's.

CFLI this weekend was great, and it was a testimony to the outstanding "foundations class" presented by Dave & COL Monroe back in May. Except for GHD, everything the cert coverred was coverred by them. This was a good shot of reinforcement and refocussing after building some capacity these past few months. You definately earned your Level II's. Thank you.

Michael said...

SP = 135 x 5
PP = 145, 145, 155, 155, 155
PJ = 165 (f on #5), 145, 155, 145, 145

Then 20 - 15 ankles to bar
then 10 & 5 were knees to elbows (I was tapped out on ankles to bar by the end the set of 15)...

Nick said...

CF level 1 pooped me out
SP: 95-115-115-125-125
PP: 125-125-125-135-135
PJ: 135(F on 5) decided to hang it up for today.
I agree with Brian.. the class this weekend was great and it really did show that the foundation classes put together by Dave and his crew are spot on.

Im back at it in the morning!

John McGrady said...

SP= 135 X 4, 145 X 1
PP= 145 X 5
PJ= 145 X 1, 135 X 4

20-15-10-5 Ankles to Bar

jeffrey.paine said...

Some comments on diet and the Zone after this weekend.

There was some skepticism about the benefits of the Zone diet. My wife has hereditary high cholesterol and this has been a consistent concern since she was a teenager. We have been on the Zone (well, about 80% of the time) since April. Six months ago, her cholesterol was over 270. Today, she got lab results back and it was 201 - the lowest it has EVER been. And she looks great, too!

This certainly makes me a believer in the benefits of the Zone.

Gary said...

SP: 135, 145, 150(f), 145, 145, 145
PP: 155, 165, 165, 165(f@3rd), 155
PJ: 165(f@3), 155, 145, 145, 135 (form went to hell at the end of PJ)

Level 1 Cert was great. Thanks Dave for getting it set up. Congrats to all the new level 2 trainers!

MAJ Lynn W. Ray said...

SP = 55,65,65,75,85 lbs
PP = 65,70,75,80,85 lbs
PJ = 65,70,75,80,85 lbs

Then completed as rxd

20-15-10-5 Knees to Ankles

Chris said...

SP = 115, 4 x 125 (PR)
PP = 135, 135 (twice), 135, 135, 135 (twice) had some form issues
PJ = 4 x 125, 135 (twice)

Knees to some point on my arms while hanging...

Thanks to LTC Bernabe & Mike for help w/ form

Max said...

Here is my take on nutrition.

You are lying to yourself. You sit there and convince yourself that what is on your plate, what you are eating, really isn't THAT bad for you.

It is. It is garbage. Yes, you eat like crap. You know it too, otherwise you wouldn't be getting so upset right now and saying the things you are saying about me right now.

So go on Amazon and order Dr. Sears' book "Enter the Zone." You can probably find a copy for about $6. That is HALF the price of the appetizer you order this last weekend. Read it. Yeah, its old, and the name is corny.

Or order the book "Good Calories Bad Calories." Its about $30. It says alot of the same thing, but in a different way. I think it is a better book on the research side of things, but the Zone Diet - as far as diets go - is probably the best thing out there. It really isn't a fad diet either. After all, its been around over a decade.

So why not try it? It won't kill you. Actually, you might live LONGER! You will loose a couple pounds. You will notice that you will sleep better. Just try it!

All that said, am I a "food saint?"

No. I am "recovering," from my addiction to high-glycemic load carbs, struggling everyday not to go into remission and stop by the shopette and get a dozen donuts and a pint of ice cream.


Great job to everyone that attended the Level 1. I hope everyone enjoyed it!

KGray said...

SP: 55lbs x 5
PP: 60lbs x 3, 5 sets
PJ: 65lbs x 5, 5 sets
(second set of PJs I went down to 60lbs for 2 of them. Couple of moments of weakness.)


L Sit: Scaled of course..
8xs for 10 seconds each

KGray said...

As I read this, I'm eating a piece of chocolate...I need help. Someone please come cook for me.

jeffrey.paine said...

Dave - Eloquence may not be the right word. . . but I am right there with you.

J. Bell said...

Good workout today...good to have the crew together again. It's been a long time.

SP = 155, 165, 175, 185(F), 180(F)
PP = 175(F), 155, 160, 165, 170(F)
PJ = 155(poor form), 135, 145, 150, 155

Then... 20-15-10-5 A2B