Nov 15, 2009

MONDAY 091116

"Nasty Girls"

Three Rounds For Time:
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle-ups
135 pound Hang Power Cleans, 10 reps

Check out the demo here.

Post time to comments.

If you have 15 unbroken pull-ups, but not muscle-ups, work the muscle-up progression into your warm-up, then sub with false grip pull-ups and ring dips.

If you do not have pull-ups, then sub with regular pull-ups, scaled as necessary, and bar dips.

Compare to 090615


Brian said...

I have pullups, but not ring dips yet, so I worked on MU progression w/ my WU, then did Nasty Girls with the following substitutions: 7 ring pullups and 7 regular dips for MU's, and after a handfull of 135# HPC's scaled them to 115#. It looks like 135# is ~5RM for me. 18:44

jeffrey.paine said...

Scaled MUs to 7/7 Pull-ups/Ring-Dips


Russ said...

19:55 with HPC scaled to 115. After this butt kicker, had to go 45# on OH Squat for 5 x 5.

RW said...

12:29 rxd

2 mins off my PR. My muscles up were really slow. Did this one alone, that always makes it harder.

J. O'B said...

Scaled MUs with 7 ring pullups and 7 ring dips. Scaled HPC to 125#.
Nasty indeed!

Nick said...

Scaled HPC to 125.
Did 14 Ring pull ups and Ring dips instead of the 7 MU.

Total time 13:10

Then tried to drive home with my standard transmission.. yikes

J. O'B said...

I meant 14 ring pulls and 14 ring dips. I need to drink more water.

Gary said...

Scaled MU to 7 ring p/u & dips. In retrospect I should have done 14 of each. Thanks for posting the MU progression.

Otherwise as rx'd 11:41

Chris said...

scaled MU improperly and only did 7 pullups and dips - dumb mistake

15:38 otherwise

Toby said...

Scaled MUs to 14/14 Ring pull ups/ring dips


upty03 said...

As RX'ed--14:54

Never done this one as prescribed before, so this is a PR.

RW, would have been there this morning, but the Colts kept me up late.

craigrr said...

12:48 as Rx'd

MAJ Lynn W. Ray said...


C.L. said...

Scaled MUs to 14 ring pull-ups and 14 ring dips. 135 on HPCs for first two rds and half of 3rd rd then hit total failure and had to scale to 115 for last 5 reps...humbling


John McGrady said...

scaled MUs w/ 14/14 ring pu/dips
HPC 115- probably could have done 125
close to muscling up

D_E_K said...


Did Pullups w/ blue band and assisted dips. Didn't realize I was supposed to do 14. 7 seemed plenty enough though!

75# hang cleans.

jeffrey.paine said...

Correction on my WOD results

Scaled to 21 pull-ups/21 ring-dips per round.
135# HPCs.

Still finished in 24:45.

Upty - watched the Colts win and still made it to Harney by 0520. I'm just sayin' . . .

KGray said...

Scaled Muscle Ups, did 21 pull ups with green band, and 21 dips. Only I forgot to do the dips on the first round. Too tired to make it up in the end. :(

HPC at 35lbs