Nov 8, 2009

MONDAY 091109

The Crippler

For time:
30 x Back-squats (with Body Wt.)
Run 1 mile

If you are working out at Harney, a 1mile route is: Exit the gym through the fire exit near the drinking fountain, up the stairs, then exit the building. Run straight out the door, across the grass (100m) and then cross Cody Road to the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street (golf course side). Take a left once at the sidewalk and run along Cody (away from CGSC) to the intersection of Cody and Biddle (.4 miles). Turn around at the intersection and run back to the gym. It should be approximately a mile.

Enjoy! Post times for comment.


craigrr said...

What is a rowing or stationary biking equivalent for a 1 mile run?

RW said...

Rob -

2000m is the equivalent row.

RW said...

10:11 rxd @ 195lbs Back Squat


The mile course is just a little short (,1 miles). Expect your run times to be a little fast as a result.

jeffrey.paine said...

9:53 as Rxed with 185 Back Squat.

BW=184 (this morning, anyway)

Brian said...

I screwed up the clock, so no time, but body wt is my 1RM, so I scaled to a combination of 145-165# backsquats, and a 1.1 mile run (2 blocks around my house).

upty03 said...

BS was 205#.


Toby said...

11:17 scaled below

Row 2K m

J. O'B said...

(BW = 195#) Scaled with 165#

Phil B said...

As rx'd with a 2000m row sub'd for the run.


I don't care what the website says, 2000m is NOT equivalent to 1 mile (at least in my perceived effort). that was horrible! thank you ryan!

Nick said...

Ok.. I tried one BW squat and realized that it was too much for 30.. so I scaled from 195 to 165. total time for the WOD was 13:33. To ensure we went the proper distance we ran to 4th street then up to Cody and the same on the way back.
Did the skills and drills on the board with 5x5x5x5 K2E and then tried some L-Sits (which kicked my booty)

Russ said...

As RX'd with 165 BW.... 8:25

Definitely a bit shorter than a mile, because there is no way I did a 6:00 mile after squats.

but thank God for the downhill turbo boost when you first start out on Cody.

John McGrady said...

BS 185
BW 185


Wayne L said...

12:05 @ 195 BS

MAJ Lynn W. Ray said...

Scaled on BS.
BS @ 115 lbs
BW = 135lbs

craigrr said...

2000m row only, 7:50

C.L. said...

9:28 as rx'd with 185# back squat

BW = 184#

Finished off with 15-12-9-6-3 knees to elbows

Michael said...

11:38 as rxd
BW=195 - took over 5 min...ouch

Then did the following as part of the study group:
15 12 9 6 3 ankles to bar (yes, Upti told me after that they were only supposed to be knees to elbows)

Then couldn't pull off L sit after that...had reached stomach muscle failure - probably should have done L sit first!

KGray said...

Total time: 12:45

Back Squat 65lbs. (not quite my body weight.)

Gary said...

BW: 222
Started at 225 but form broke up at 10 reps, so dropped to 185lb
Rowed 2000m

Ran to and from Harney from Kansa (less than 1mile each way)

B_A said...

BW=175, but had fun with public math and did 205...first day back after a week off...and found my logbook! Yay! 13:22