Nov 5, 2009

FRIDAY 091106


For time:
21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand Push-ups (HSPU)
Ring Dips

Check out Annie knocking out J.T.


Post time to comments.


jeffrey.paine said...


Scaled HSPUs with band contraption on 2nd/3rd rounds.
Scaled Ring Dips with box on final round.

upty03 said...

13:44 as RX'd.

RW said...


scaled HSPU with blue/Green bands last six of rnd 1, all of rnd 2 and 3.

Gary said...

How are you using the bands to scale HSPUs? Are you hooking a foot in it as the band hangs from the pull-up rack?

Michael said...


scaled HSPU with Blue/Green bands for rounds 2 & 3

scaled dips in round 2 & 3 using box to assist most reps.

To scale the HSPU, hang one band just as you would for pull ups, then pass the other band through the bottom of the one that is attached to the bar. Put arms in the looped ends so that when you are upside down you have one end of the lower band under each shoulder like a harness. Wrap your leg around the band for stability. Hard to describe, but hopefully this makes sense.

Brian said...

19:20 w/ the following sub's:
95# Push presses for HSPU
supported ring dips (feet on box)

I liked seeing the HSPU band rig. Will try soon.

Wayne L said...


scaled HSPU w/ green and orange bands

Toby said...

7:07 as rx'd

J. O'B said...

First 3 HSPU were as RX'd but rest were band assisted. A couple in 2d and 3rd rnds were negatives.

John McGrady said...

Whanged my knee pretty good right when I started.
scaled hspu w/ box 1st rd, gr/blue bands 2&3 rds
scaled ring dips w/ box 2/3 rds
need to work on coordination for ring dips

Phil B said...

As Rx'd 8:44. Dave, thanks for fixing the website links.

craigrr said...

10:20 as Rx'd

Nick said...

9:30 as rx'ed
Used band assist for HSPU

C.L. said...

Got smoke-checked with this one...much harder than I thought it would be (go figure)


HSPU as rx'd until complete and utter muscle failure on the 4th rep of rd 2; then scaled with box.
Ring dips and push-ups as rx'd

Russ said...

21:17 thanks to having to sub 5-sec handstand holds in lieu of HSPU.

KGray said...

Time 11:55


HSPU (1x with harness, 1x using box, 1x holding HS for 30 seconds)

Ring Dips using box

Push ups on knees