Oct 6, 2009



1000 meter row
Thruster 45 lbs (50 reps)
Pull-ups (30 reps)

Post time to comments.


upty03 said...

9:23...good workout.

RW said...


5 x 95lbs (40% 1RM)
5 x 115lbs
5 x 135lbs
5 x 155lbs
3 x 165lbs
3 x 175lbs

Then "Jackie"

7:37 rxd

Brian said...

A few of us noticed the number of posts going down recently: here is some encouragement for those who have either stopped posting, or stopped Crossfitting: Stick with it.

Do not get discouraged if you are still significantly scaling your WOD's- progress will come. In just a few months time I went from ~3 pullups to doing 120 in a workout. (Muscle ups are coming). Even with the muscle I have gained, I have lost 10#.

I did the APFT today: I maxed pushups and situps and improved my run 2:24! IWCABTAMD!

If you are doing the WOD's, and just not posting, remember, it is an encouragement to others to see your progress as well. If all people ever see is the single digit "as Rx'd" times, some might get frustrated.

Keep it up.

Max said...

Morning APFT
PU - 75 (maxed it in 50 sec)
SU - 76
RN - 14:33

288 overall, with a hip injury. Profile says run at own pace - looks like 14:33 is my "own pace"

waited one hour, then Jackie
8:20 - 1 sec faster than last time

So essentially I can take a PT test injured and still do a CF WOD without a huge detriment to my time.

Brian has done a great job this last year. To follow up on his comments, he scored 252 in April. Today he improved his PU by 7, his sit-ups by 17 (wow) and his run by 2:24 (again, wow) improving his total score by 36 points in six months.

Again, for any nay-sayers, CF works. Brian's other markers, Fran, max rep pull-ups, CFT, weight, and I bet his blood work all are much improved as well.

All probably with LESS time (but definately no less effort!) working out.

Great work Brian! I still hope Army beats Navy, but good work!

Michael said...

8:40...first time doing this WOD. Wasn't sure how thrusters would be effected by the row, and it definitely made things more interesting...

stimey said...

Well said. Said well enough that I'll hit the gym after leaving my cubilce for the day...:) Keep up the fire!


Phil B said...

Did 95# OHS for warmup, 3-3-3, then as rx'd: 7:51 (PR). As I told Jamie during lunch, this one is way harder than it looks (aren't they all). Great contribution and encouragement Brian, we all need it. Thanks!

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

10:40 using 20# on the thrusters. Heather and I both agreed we could have used more weight. Also agreed we need some tutoring on rowing.

J. O'B said...

Guilty as charged per Brian's last paragraph. So...

18:54 Rx'd

B_A said...
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B_A said...

14:20 as RX'ed

BTW, the main page has a case of the Monday's when accessed via the L&C CACnet computers (stuck on Monday WOD)...might contribute to the reduced posts

Wayne L said...

12:58 as rx'd. i guess i will continue to be the one with the low score postings to try and keep everyone else motivated.

jeffrey.paine said...

11:43 as Rxed.

Jason said...

15:15 as Rx'd

J. Bell said...

As Rx'ed: 7:28. That was really painful. I was sucking wind pretty hard at the end.

craigrr said...

8:19 as Rx'd

jb95 said...

1000 meter-4:55
Still working pull ups
Only 3rd day of crossfit.

Jorge R. said...

I am only writing 'cause Brian made me feel guilty about not posting:

Good work out...quick! And that's what I like about crossfit. I did neglect to keep an eye on my overall time (I know I did the 1000 meter rowing in 3:54). I am sure I did the whole thing faster than Wayne though :)

Thanks Wayne for the motivation!

I know, I know, I need to be more disciplined about tracking personal times, and I usually do. Won't happen again...

"Embrace the suck!"

D_E_K said...

Forgot to hit the stop button on the watch (again) and forgot how much ergs can hurt so quickly!

18-something. 4:58.2 on the erg.
And managed to do 3 PU with blue band and the rest with the green and no help. This is improvement for me!

D_E_K said...

If anyone wants rowing technique help, give me a yell. I rowed for 8 years. I warn you though - proper technique will only make it hurt more!! (but it will give you a lot more power)

Sean said...

1320 as Rx. Did all pu w/o band assist- took a little longer, but felt good to do it. Still working Kip.

pd said...

11:31 as Rx'd.

Brian said...

15:08 as Rx'd. I did this Thur 10/8 instead of Wed 10/7. Pullups are a lot harder after thrusters and rowing...

Nick said...

Did makeup on 10/9..
time was 11:59 as rxed

Russ said...

Row- 2:40
Thrusters- 2:50
Pullups 3:22 -- Total 8:52 as RXd