Oct 26, 2009

TUESDAY 091026

"Tabata Something Else"

Complete 8 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest of the following exercises:


There is no rest between exercises.

Post total rep count across all 32 intervals to comments.


Max said...

Thank you!

jeffrey.paine said...

336 as Rxed.

We will call this a PR since it has been a LONG time since I did this one.

RW said...

Pull-ups = 61
Push-Ups = 76
sit-ups = 103
squats = 113

Total = 357

Great job this morning from the guys in the CrossFit study. It was their first morning workoing out off the website, wish I had gotten a picture!

Phil B said...

that was punishing. Guess I did the first two out of order, but increased my suffering by doing the pullups on the rings and situps on the abmat.
Pushups: 137
Ring Pullups: 50 (yowser that sucked!!!)
ABMAT situps: 74 (really really sucked)
Squats: 124

Total: 385

Russ said...
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Russ said...

Pullup: 61 (25 were jumping after grip failed)
Pushup: 69 (32 scaled to knees)
AbMat Situp: 73
Squat: 107
Total : 310

Why do the AbMats make you work harder? Is it because the range of motion is increased slightly?

J. O'B said...

Pullups - 53 (jumping after 17)
Pushups - 96
Situps - 114 (no ABMAT,feet braced)
Squats - 93 (might have been 83)
total 356

Wayne L said...


pull-ups 46
push-ups 103
sit-ups 92 (no abmat, no feet brace)
squat 111

Damon said...

This was surprisingly harder than I thought. I seem to say that a lot lately! Definitely felt my upper respiratory infection as I wheezed my way through this one.

Pull-ups: 115
Push-ups: 181
Sit-ups: 128 (no abmat, no feet spt)
Squats: 147

Total: 571

Jorge R. said...

What a smoker...I was whimpering like a little puppy in the middle of my fifth set of sit-ups! And I thought sit-ups were my strong suit...NOT!

pull-ups 44
push-ups 121
sit-ups 77 (no abmat, no feet brace)
squats 134

Total: 376

"Embrace the Suck!"

C.L. said...

Pull-ups: 48
Push-ups: 70
Sit-ups w/ feet supt: 56
Squats: 114
Total: 288

Gary said...

Push ups: 167
PullUps: 59
Sit Ups: 115
Squat: 117
Total: 458
I was timing myself, so I think I may have gone over time on several sets (so this may have inflated my score).
Finished with 1500m in the pool until I was kicked out by the swim classes. It is nice having the crossfit gym at Harney now.

Toby said...

341 as rx'd plus 20lb weight vest

CK said...

Trying to remember my scores & write them all during the 10 sec *break* were definately a test of coordination!

Pull-ups: 90
Push-ups: 139
Situps: 113
Squats: 138

Total: 476

craigrr said...

Pull ups = 78
Push ups = 98
Sit ups = 92
Squats = 142

Total = 410

Brian said...

302 as rx'd
Pullups 21
Pushups 101
Situps 86
Sqts 94
Especially sucked after doing Fri's WOD yesterday w/ all of the lunges, situps and pullups. I had 3 rnds of just hanging from the bar.

KGray said...

Pull ups....well I couldn't get my foot out of the band fast enough to record mine...so I'll go with 10 decent pull ups.

Pull Ups= 10 w/green band
Push ups= 59
Sit ups= 88 with abmat
Squat= 66

I'm hoping to overcome this weakness soon.

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

Pullups 57
Pushups 85
Situps 79
Squats 111

Nick said...

Pull-ups 52
Push-ups 90
Sit-ups 90 (feet braced with abmat)
squats 120

352 total.. Need to work on my pull ups as they were super sloppy at the end.

Michael said...

Made this up Sat, 10/31

Pull-ups - 72
Push-ups - 68
Sit-ups - 93
Squats - 110

Total = 343