Oct 12, 2009

TUESDAY 091013

For time:

3 rounds of
21, 15, 9
Hang Power Cleans (155#/95#)
Knees to Elbows


10-9-8...3-2-1 Burpees and Sit-ups

See what Melissa Urban has to say about Hang Power Cleans here.

Post time(s) to comments.


julie said...

7:40- BURP/SU WOD...good to be back

RW said...

O/H Squat
1 x 5 @ 75
1 x 5 @ 95
1 x 5 @ 115
1 x 5 @ 135
1 x 3 @ 145
1 x 3 @ 155


Hang PC + K2E = 9:09 rxd

jeffrey.paine said...

Had to scale the Hang Power Cleans to 135. No longer have feeling in my forearms.
Time: 14:08.

The O/H Squat:
1x3 @ 95
1x5 @ 95
1x5 @ 105
1x5 @ 115

Russ said...

From 8 OCT-

5x5 PWR CLN: 95-115-145(3)-125-125
should have scaled more

15-12-9 Pullup/55KB/Burpee: 6:00

upty03 said...

Did both WODs today.

11:50 on the HPCs and K2E...forearms were screaming at me.

Rested 5 min, then did Burpee/SU WOD in 7:36.

Max said...

Damn you Upty.....

HPC/KTE (scaled to 135#): 13:11


Max said...

Burpee/SU WOD: 7:00

I hate burpees and HPCs.

Michael said...

Hang PC & K2E = 12:49.
Did first round as RX'd with some increasing level of dfficulty, then scaled to 135 for last 2 rds.

After we did O/H Squats:
sets of 5 at 95, 95, 105
mostly to work on form.

J. O'B said...

7:30 - Burpee/sit-up WOD
Worked on K2E and Hang Clean

I found the hang clean coaching tips on the Melissa Urban blog helpful.

The K2Es gave me flashbacks to West Point gymnastics class. It turns out that DPE was so old school that they were actually ahead of their time. Who knew!

C.L. said...

Forgot to leave my ego on the steps as I was walking into Gruber today...I was quickly put in my place.

13:47 for HPC / K2E WOD
Started off with 135# for HPCs and had to scale back further to 115#
Felt pretty good on K2E (as long as I could hang on to the bar)

May have to punish myself later with burpee / SU WOD.

D_E_K said...
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D_E_K said...

Did the 1st workout w/ 45-45-55 pounds. Tried for 65 and it just didn't happen. Scaled the monkey thing to 15-12-9, did the 1st variation. 13:47

Phil B said...

I am humbled. As rx'd: 17:36. 155# is my 3 rep max, so i knew it'd suck, but i guess i needed the junk punch.

craigrr said...

scaled hang power clean to 135
time = 11:37

OH Squat for form

5 x 95
4 x 95
3 x 95

B_A said...

1st WOD, scaled to 115#, 17:39
now have new thing to hate (HPC)
should have scaled the HPC to 105#
kept intensity up by repeatedly dropping and picking up the bar :)

Nick said...

I totally forgot to post.. I suck.
I did the 10 factorial workout
total time 7:42.

Then worked on knees/elbows and hang cleans with J' O B

Jason said...

11:15 Burpees with GHD sit-ups. Hurt my shoulder doing kipping pull-ups Monday, so I'm going to skip anything shoulder related for a while.

Neil said...

Forgot to post yesterday.

Had to scale the Power Ups to 115.
12:40 on the first half.

Went ahead and did the METCON afterward in 10:00.