Oct 21, 2009



75# power snatch, 75 reps

Post time to comments.

Recommend using the Burgener Warm-up

There are a ton of free video clips on the main site here.

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Brian said...

14:15 as Rx'd.
I fear I just reinforced bad form 75 times. This one is best done w/ someone who has the technique down.

upty03 said...

7:47 as RX'ed

Phil B said...

i needed a little punishment for not being able to run on a bad ankle, so...i did the following:
6 min TT on the treadmill (1% incline): .95 miles covered.
then 4 x 400m with 1:30 rest.

i now feel awful. will try randy later tonight.

J. O'B said...

Skills and Drills:
Handstands, HSPUs, Muscle ups, Turkish Getups

Ryan asked about my set of bands. I bought them on ebay after seeing Wayne's set. For $27 you get 4 bands. They are basically factory seconds but they work just fine. Can't beat'em for the money.

Wayne L said...

7:33 as Rx'd

CK said...

Can't reinforce what Brian said enough -- for tough technique exercises (like snatch, cleans, push jerk etc), forget about the time and focus on the technique and form.

Remember progression -- get form right, increase up to as rx'd, then increase time for intensity.

I didn't time mine to focus on good form.

Afterwards I was feeling frisky from my SP PR yesterday. Beat it with a 175 (PR). Nice!

Damon (aka, The Machine) linked 5 MU together with ease...from a dead hang! Awesome!

RW said...

CK - you can almost lift as much with your shoulders as I can with my legs - that is a little humbling, thanks.

5:34 rxd

Did some heavy snatch afterwards
1 x 5 (95)
1 x 3 (115)
1 x 2 (125)
5 x 1 (135)

Nick said...

Did skills and drills with John:

Handstand PUs freak me out.. so the bands really helped..

The turkish get ups were harder than I thought..

Muscle up by the numbers helped out alot.

Damon said...

Chris was quite profound before we started our workout. 75 reps = 75 opportunities to either reinforce bad habits or create good ones, so we tried to focus on the exercise and not so much on the time. Watching the videos before hand and doing the warmup was very beneficial.

as rx'd: approx 6:30 (I stopped the watch at 6:05, but realized it was only 70 so I knocked out the other 5 but forgot to restart the watch)

I think Chris found his new favorite exercise...the monster shoulder pressed 175# AFTER doing the WOD! Pretty cool when you can lift more than your body weight over your head!

Toby said...

As rx'd 7:15, 1st time ever doing the snatch. Tried to focus on form instead of time.

craigrr said...

8:48 (inadvertantly did 85 lbs)

Max said...

As Rx'd, 7:47 (PR)

Phil B said...

man, i miss snatches. thankfully, pat's brought them back. as rx'd 13:15. did the first 25 as hang power snatches before i realized that i should be going to the floor. felt pretty good about my technique, esp. after watching the burgener warmup about 4 times.

seriously, chris, i feel so disconnect from you guys. i ran into damon and thought he'd been in france or something. i usually work out either at 0830 or 1045, depending on my class schedule. it's pretty lonely during those times.

B_A said...

11:20..wasn't quite sure if I did 65, 70, or 75 so did 10 more after the watch stopped to work on form.