Oct 14, 2009


Today equipment will start arriving over at Harney Gym.

What shows up today? A custom-built pull-up appararus donated to Fort Leavenworth by CrossFit's own Operation Phoenix. Do you have an OpPh shirt yet?

What else shows up? Barbells, bumbers, and other equipment from the $10,000 purchase made by CGSC.

All in addition to the equipiment that is being moved over from Gruber.

Things should be set up by tomorrow morning as to not interfere to much!


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

I am going over to Harney at 1000. If anyone is available to vome help at 1030, that would be great!


Phil B said...

am watching the kids until Jen's done with her stuff...hopefully be over by 1130

monroe said...

Awesome! Big thanks to Dave for spearheading this effort, and all who helped with the set up!

Nick said...

The new location kicks booty!!!!
The new Pull up set up by Torque is pretty sweet.. Thanks for setting this up Dave!

CK said...

Great work setting this all up Dave!! It was alot of work, but alot of people are, and will be, reaping the benefits of your labors!