Oct 25, 2009

MONDAY 091025

Three rounds for time of:

Five power cleans, 185 pounds
Five hand stand push-ups
Ten pull-ups

Post time to comments.


RW said...


used the ABMAT for HSPUs so was not getting head to floor. I got owned on the last set of HSPUs anyway, they took at least a minute if not longer.

Tom W said...

The oly cert link doesn't work. Need to sign up before the wife changes her mind.

Phil B said...

Scaled cleans to 135#, since the prescribed is my 1RM


Brian said...

Phil, Thanks for help w/ cleans and abmat today.

I knew cleans and HSPU's were beyond my current capacity, so I warmed up with exercises to work on those, then made up Friday's WOD.

Worked up power cleans to 1RM @ 145, then did 3 sets of 5 at 135.
Did 5 sets of 30 sec holds for hand stands, then 10 supported HSPU's, then 5 push presses at 95#, and 5 shoulder presses at 75#

Friday's WOD: 23:45 as Rx'd.
The pullup sets from 18-12 were especially ugly.

Jorge R. said...

9:07 scaled cleans to 155# (185# is my 1RM).

Took a quick break and did last Thursdays WOD (Randy) 7:08rxd

Chris said...

Scaled cleans to 125 since I could barely move 185; did HSPU assisted w/bar on rack and blue & green bands on pullups...basically did nothing as RX'd - 6:25 then practiced power cleans to continue to work form

Toby said...

5:40 as rx'd w/20lb weight vest for HSPUs and pull ups

Nick said...

Scaled to 135, did HSPU with help from band harness on the pull up apparatus.


C.L. said...

First "date" with Fran today; I'm not happy with her.

5:52 as rx'd.
- I need to concentrate on perfect form (deep squats and fully extended pull-ups). Overall, pretty happy, though.

Gary said...

Had to scale PC to 155
Handstands supported on wall

B_A said...

8:18, scaled PCLNs 135#, probably could have done 155#, but form was good, wall assisted HSPU w/ 3/4 rom, happy with PUs for a change!

J. O'B said...

Scaled PC to 95# and used bands on HSPU. 7:21
Making gains with form on PC.

craigrr said...

6:40 scaled PC to 175 (did first 7 with 185)

Russ said...

Fran for the CF study: 9:42 I think.

D_E_K said...


Clean form sucks so I used 70#. Form may have still sucked. Green and blue band for HSPU. Last set were wall holds.

Practiced power cleans form some with 45# bar after.