Oct 18, 2009

MONDAY 091019


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips


Post time to comments.

Compare to 090423


Brian said...

Squats won't be happening for me today: I ran the Kansas City Marathon on Saturday. Below is a Cross Fit Endurance testimony for any who are interested:

I did the CFE cert on 7/18. After that, I cut back my running miles considerably: some weeks included fewer miles than I would have done on a long day by my previous plan. Prior to the marathon, I did not run more than a 1/2 marathon in training (iaw CFE philosophy).

My marathon time was 4:30.

Some of you may think that is not much of a testimony for the CFE method, but consider the following:
-cardio-vascularly, I was very ready, definately not my limitting factor.
-My last marathon was ~12 years ago, and I ran a 3:45. This time, I was running with 30 extra pounds (which is 10# less than when I started CF in May).
-For the three years before CGSC, I had not done any serious running. In the two years before that, I had done a few 5 and 10k's.
-what hurt me most was not enough dedicated hill work: I thought that the hills around my house and on post would be enough with my regular runs- not iaw CFE plan. (This was a very hilly marathon, and it is those muscles that really got to me).
-Since the start of electives, I have not stuck with the CFE plan.

My routine (before electives) was M/W/F AM CFE runs, and M-F Iron Major WOD's in the PM. After electives started, I limmited my workouts to 1/day far too often.

With that prep, I was able to have a <2hr 1/2 marathon split, and my last 5k of the race was ~31 min. I had the foundation to finish, even with the breakdown in my preparation plan.

Other data points on the efficacy of CFE are a 15 min improvement in my 10 mile time, an 8 min improvement in my 10k time, and a 2.5 min improvement in my 2 mile time when you look at my times before and after the CFE cert.

I am willing to share the fundamentals that were coverred at the cert: I will plan another class in the near future, but if you see me in the gym, just ask.

J. O'B said...

I did a marathon once, 12 years ago. I used the traditional train up to a 20 miler method. Thank you for sharing your CFE marathon experience - very interesting. I'll definitely take advantage of your next class.

Jason said...

After 6 weeks of CF, I scored my first 300 on the APFT in several years. The run's been holding me back for a while. Ironically, since starting CF, I've cut my runs way back, to only two a week, but always fast - intervals or a fast 5k or 5-miler. I took 18 seconds off of my last run time, and felt like I had more at the end.

julie said...

11.07 scaled. 45lb cleans- focused on correct form and movement.

jeffrey.paine said...

16:18 as Rxed. I probably should have scaled the cleans to 125 or 115 as my form somewhat fell apart in the last set.

Brian - I would also be interested in the CFE.

RW said...

11:10 rxd

then did weighted ring dips

2 x 5 @ 35lbs
2 x 3 @ 45lbs

upty03 said...

Underestimated and under-performed.

16:42 as RX'ed.

Gary said...

scaled to 115lb on cleans after fault at rep 5
ring dips didn't look so hot either, but got through them.

J. O'B said...

scaled to 75#
Felt some improvement with form.

Wayne L said...

scaled squat cleans to 115#.

once again, bringing up the rear

Nick said...

I also scaled to 75# to work on the form. Total time was 11:35. Used a wall ball to ensure I squated completely.. This workout (even at 75# kicked my booty). Afterwards worked on some more squat cleans with higher weights.. I feel that this WOD helped get the form down.. Hopefully, next go round I will improve on weight and time.

On a completely separate matter our 2nd new GHD is up and functional!

Nick said...

Forgot to mention I would be interested in a CFE class as well.

CK said...

Great work Brian on your marathon. You know the first dude who ran a marathon died right? That's impressive! I'd be game to start my 'pose' transition and get another one of your classes.

1st round started at 135, but realized I wasn't getting low enough.

2nd round dropped to 115 and still wasn't low enough. Definately crushed my quads!

Next time I'll probably start at 95#.

Kudos to Damon who did all of it @ 135 and was going LOW. Made my legs hurt!!

Time- 11:58

craigrr said...

11:37 as Rx'd

weighted ring dips

2 x 10 @35
2 x 7 @ 45

Damon said...

Awesome job Brian! You've come a long way over the past year!

This WOD sucked, especially after taking about a week and a half off. Yea, I was a slacker over our fall break. It was nice seeing the new facility...and not having to worry about getting hit with a basketball in the middle of a clean!

Anyway, as rx'd- 10:49

Thought I was going to have to leave a present in the big trash can at the entrance!

C.L. said...

Completed the APFT as part of the CF experiment as follows:
- 77 push-ups
- 54 sit-ups (ouch - guess my dislike of ab work showed
- 14:05 on the run
First Army APFT: Satisfied with the push-ups, disgusted with the sit-ups, and that's about as fast as I get for the run. We'll see how it goes again in a couple of months.

Max said...

Scaled to 115# to make it go faster....

10:56, which is a PR at this weight.

Last time on 29 JAN 09 = 12:47


B_A said...

16:25 major ego check today started at 95#, dropped to 85# to get good form

pd said...

18:37 with 105 lbs. Added 30 lbs. to my clean which added 5 minutes to my time. Traded weight for time. Also I did Hang Power Cleans last time so this was a significant improvement for me.