Oct 4, 2009

MONDAY 091005

For Time:
30 Muscle-ups

If you do not have muscle-ups yet, use this technique to work on your progression.

If you are still working on pull-ups, the substitue is four pull-ups and four dips per muscle-up. Yes, that is ONE-HUNDRED AND TWENTY of each. Alternate between pull-ups and dips, four at a time, until you hit one-twenty. Yes, it is a lot, but you are working on increasing your work capacity. Take as long as you need and scale as needed. Remember to focus on a full range of motion and write down everything about how you get through it so you can see you progress down the road.

If one-hundred and twenty is too many for you, no big deal. Do your best! If this is your first time, it is a start point from which you can gauge your progress.

Compare to 090810


upty03 said...

29:00 as RX'ed

First time without having to do the 120 and 120. And yes, I have been doing CrossFit for 36 months. Some may say that is embarrassing...I would say that it is resiliency!

RW said...


Not by best effort by a long shot, but I just was not feelin it this morning. Plus I taped up my wrists like I was going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and I think the loss of feeling in my hands from the tape hurt my effort.

Phil B said...

RW, hilarious on the taped wrists. I did last Friday's workout (5min on/off...1 on/off). On the treadmill, with 1% incline:
5 min - .82 mi
4 min - .65 mi
3 min - .50 mi
2 min - .36 mi
1 min - .21 mi
total 2.54 miles

B_A said...

was dreading this...left pleasantly surprised...37:31

30 sets 4&4 PU/Dips
rnds 1-17: kipping PU
rnds 18-20: 1 band PU
rnds 20-24: kipping PU
rnds 25-26: 1 band PU
rnds 26-30: 2 band PU
all dips unassisted

1 band = 10' surg tubing, looped

B_A said...

oh, and did on the red PU rack in the weight room...pretty wobbly, not sure if that matters

CK said...

Didn't time it due to having a whole crew of peeps working on this....and I was happy with focusing on technique.

Did one at a time...can't link them together yet.

And managed not to destroy my hands....which is a success!

craigrr said...

21:09 as RX'd

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

As Rx'd
19:03 (PR)

Nick said...

Did the 120 PU and 120 dips
all unasisted.

Damon said...

I didn't officially time it, but I looked at a general start/finish time. 18-ish minutes. Like Chris said, we had a good crew of folks working on the rings. I was happy that I was able to link together sets of 5.

J. Bell said...

I'm way behind. Did Friday's WOD. Rowing with 1/2 interval rest (boy that was a bad decision):
5 min: 1330 m (2.5 min rest)
4 min: 1055 m (2 min rest)
3 min: 798 m (1.5 min rest)
2 min: 542 m (1 min rest)
1 min: 287 m (dead tired)

Tried to do 10 M/Us, but too exhausted. Had to quit after 5.

Phil B said...

As rx'd: 7:39 (PR)