Oct 15, 2009

FRIDAY 091016

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Row 250 meters
Sumo deadlift highpull 95 pounds, 21 reps
Pull-ups 15 reps

Post rounds completed to comments.

OR, if travelling:

"L" sit off the floor (or use two chairs - makes sure to use the seat part!) 10 rounds of 10 seconds...if you can't do it sit with your legs straight out and try to lift your heels of the ground for 10 seconds instead.

Post number of faults to comments.

Reminder: Please DO NOT enter the gymnastics area. It is for the use of SKIES Gymnastics Program ONLY! Please do not enter that area unless you are with your kids when they are attending a class. We need to be good neighbors. Thanks for your support.


jeffrey.paine said...

4 rounds as Rxed.

Then did L-sit WOD with RW, ROb, adn Danbeck.

RW said...

5 rds + 150m row

then did 10 rds / 10 sec L-sit

Phil B said...

after getting motivated watching Mr. Monroe on Wed., I spent the morning with an angry Russian:
Russian getup pyramid for wt.
35# x 5
53# x 3
70# (PR) x 1 (pretty shaky but finished it)
53# x 3
35# x 5

Gary said...

5rds completed, but I think I went over time a little (my watch unexpectedly got stopped)

Max said...

As Rx'd
4 rounds + rowing and 12 SDLHPs

J. O'B said...

Rested Wed and Thurs.

am: APFT - 74pu, 76su, 14:35
no PRs but not bad considering my physical fitness this summer

pm: make up WOD from Wed

Wayne L said...

3.5 rounds

made it halfway through sumo dl's before hit 20 minutes.

Still finished out the full round anyway though.

CK said...

Did Gut Check today as a make-up. Seemed like a great idea at the time.

As rx'd: 13:05

Good fun -- and awesome using the new facility!!

craigrr said...

5 rounds -4 pull ups

did 10 rds of 10 sec L-sit

upty03 said...

4 rounds + row and 10 SDLHP. Completely underestimated how much pulling this was.

Glad the week is over.

Chris said...

3 rounds plus row and SDLHP's

attempted 10 sec L-sits...need some work there

B_A said...

Gut Check today 24:09 as RX'ed

Surprised at what was "easier" vs. "suckier" for me...looking forward to them all to be at the same level...even if in the sucky region

John said...

3 rds plus row and 3 SDLHP all with 15lb weight vest

pd said...

3 rounds + row. Substituted 10 burpees for one 250 m row due to equipment limitations. New gym looks great. Thanks for the hard work Dave.

Nick said...

Im going to make this up this weekend.. so I asked the desk for the hours on the weekend.. they dont open till 1 on sat =(

This being said.. we all need to make sure we sign in so perhaps we can pressure them to change the hours eventually.. As it is, Im going to Gruber to try to get at least part of this done tom. morn.

Russ said...

Made up the Gut Check today at 16:06 but with 45# SDLHPs.

See some of you on Monday for the experiment.

C.L. said...

On Friday, did the Burpee / SU WOD from Tuesday:
- 8:13

On Saturday, did Friday's WOD:
- 3 rds + 250m row and 6 SDLHPs (with a 3-minute potty break in the middle for my 3-year-old aspiring gymnast)