Oct 8, 2009

FRIDAY 091009

For Time:

Run 5K

Post time to comments.


Brian said...

at 0500 in Lansing, it was a cold, miserable time for a run:
1) 32:50
2) 32:42
tot: 1:05
While times were not great, I did it as a pacing exercise, an am happy with the consistency.

jeffrey.paine said...

Probably just as cold on Leavenworth at 0545, so I feel ya. The mist was fun, too.

time: 23:31.

craigrr said...

Tabata - Row
#1 848m
#2 840m
#3 956m (lost count of reps)
#4 831m
#5 818m

5 min 1264m @ 1:58/500m

Michael said...


Had trouble getting it in gear today...

stimey said...

3.31 miles- I overshot. Running from Washington Monument around Capitol Hill- 29:20.
Not happy considering I have the Marine Corps Marathon in less than two weeks. Alot of doubt running through my head on ths run.
Do you guys alos mix in CFE as well?

J. O'B said...
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J. O'B said...

Today I did a make-up for last Friday's WOD. I'll do the 5k tomorrow.

Brian said...

Kansas city marathon is a week from Saturday. I have been using CFE principles in my training for a few months now: IronMajor CF 5 days/week, run CFE WOD's on M/W/F.

Nick said...

Did makeup for 10.7
1000m row
50 thrusters @45#
30 pull ups

As rx'ed 11:59

then did the 5K.. but just mapped it.. it was 3.5 in 28 min

Jorge R. said...

It was really hard to get motivated for this one after class today...took a nap, regrouped and ran 4 miles with a 5K time of 20:46...

Seems like I am getting slower since I have started CF.

Will have to incorporate running at least 3 times a week with the WOD.

Happy Columbus day!

Phil B said...

Did 10 x 100m with 1m rest. Should've checked the site earlier. Fastest 14.4, slowest 17.1. Avg. 16.3

J. O'B said...

Make up 5k: 23:31 (track)
I'm please with the time considering how unfit I was when I started ILE. Felt I could have gone faster but wasn't mentally prepared to put that IWC to use.

RW said...

Rowed 5000m

19:00 min

B_A said...

As Rx'ed...26:03