Oct 5, 2009

TUESDAY 091006

For time:

40 American Swings
40 Kettlebell Squats
20 One Arm Swings (L)
20 One Arm Swings (R)
40 Power Swings
40 Russian Swings

(Men: 55# / Women: 35#)

Post time to comments.


J. O'B said...

What's a power swing?

upty03 said...

10:41 as rx'ed.

jeffrey.paine said...

12:38 as Rxed.

Power swings are when you do an American Swing, but power the kb on the down stroke as well. You really have to sit back in to your squat on it or the momentum will pull you forward out of balance. Of course, by the time I got to the power swings, there was not a lot of power left to bring them back down.

J. O'B said...

Got it. Thanks.

Michael said...


RW said...

9:45 rxd

Did the squat holding the KB in the front squat position, hands underneath the KB

Michael said...

Forgot to mention in my first post...Jeff, Upti, Rob, & I weren't sure how to do the squats, so we let the KB hang down between our legs, rather than the front squat type position Ryan described. Not sure how much this matters.

Damon said...

Chris and I decided to scale this to 1pood due to our APFT on Thurs morn.

Scaled 1 Pood- 7:13

Wayne L said...

13:34 scaled the one armed swing to 35#

Phil B said...

Did 30 MU for time this morning, posted on yesterday's blog.

Thanks to COL Monroe for a quick lesson on power swings.

As Rx'd: 10:11

monroe said...

9:52 Rx

B_A said...

broke into 4 sets of 10,10,5,5,10, 10...16:31 w/55#

Neil said...

As pro. 11:55


Nick said...

As Rx'ed for everything except one-arms.. used 1 pood for those.

craigrr said...

11:58 as Rx'd