Oct 28, 2009



For time:

21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift (225/155)
Hand Stand Push-Ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090902


upty03 said...

7:13 as RX'ed

Russ said...

19:50 (5-sec HSPU press & holds take awhile)

Michael said...


Big improvement over last Diane. First time not scaling weight.

Last time, I used bands after 10th HSPU vs. this time, only used bands for 10 total.

Toby said...

11:55 as rx'd, first time w/o scaling so worked on form

jeffrey.paine said...

13:34 with 185# DL. Went a little lighter this time just in case my back decided not to play nice.

J. O'B said...

10:20 w/ band assisted HSPUs

Last time 11:42. 135# DLs. Hard to compare HSPUs - last time did them against the wall but could only do 1/2 and with very bad form.

Very pleased but need to watch DL form (rounded back) esp in last 1/2of each round.

Nick said...


Improved over last time in time and by doing the Rx'ed weight the whole time.

I also used the bands which I think is an improvement over the walk up the wall routine I did last time.

I agree with John, my form in the later half of the rounds was not as good as the beginning.

Wayne L said...


scaled HSPU using green & orange band

D_E_K said...
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D_E_K said...

I love my namesake.

9:10 with 115# and grey/green band HSPU apparatus.

Up from 95# from last time!

RW said...


Did 10 regular HSPUs then
scaled HSPU with blue bands

Jorge R. said...

8:30 with green and orange rubber band apparatus

craigrr said...

11:01 as Rx'd

C.L. said...


For deadlifts, did 225 1st rd and 8 reps of 2nd rd (felt my back starting to round out) then scaled to 185

HSPU as rx'd: Form started to suffer in middle of 2nd round and could only get 1 or 2 at a time.

KGray said...

My First Diane..

Deadlift - 75lbs
HSPU -elevated on box, and on knees after the first set.

B_A said...

catching up...can't remember time, but DL at 205, and wall assisted HSPU for first half, legs supported for last half

B_A said...

time 18:26