Oct 7, 2009

Beyond the Whiteboard

Iron Major CrossFit is now one of the Beyond the Whiteboard affiliates.

What is BTWB? It is a fantastic way to track your WODs and compare your results to everyone else's. The cost is minimal, only $3 per month, but it is well worth it. You can input your meals, track WODs, and just about everything else CrossFit. It makes all those products we love to see as field grade - charts and graphs and all that kind of stuff.


Once you join, one of the trainers will approve you as a member and you'll be ready to get started!

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monroe said...

THis morning I worked on girevoy (KB)sport, specifically AMRAP (snatch)in 10 minutes with one pood. Tried it yesterday and had to stop at 7:30 or so, 140 total. My error was too many snatches per side in early rounds. Today I stuck to 10 per side until I hit 160 total. Had to drop to 5 per side at that point. made it to 10 minutes with 185 total. Goal is 100 per side, whereupon I will try 1.5 pood (55 lbs).
I have found KB's to be good for strengthening connective tissue and spinal erector endurance. The transfer to all other CF endeavors is plainly evident after only a few weeks of practice. A few have expressed interest in learning KB technique, and I am happy to share what I learned in the cert with anyone interested, just send a note or grab me in the gym. At 1300 today I am going to train with Stewart and Whitney Rodden at Mid-America Nazarene U. Looking forward to a run later.