Sep 3, 2009

Yeah, but are your resilient?

We just finished our latest foundations class. During the class, we covered the nine foundational movements, along with other exercises commonly used in CrossFit workouts. During the first three weeks of ILE, there have been several guest speakers and presentations on Comprehensive Soldier Fitness and Resiliency. What role do you think CrossFit can play in Comprehensive Soldier Fitness?

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ALI said...

Crossfit is an integral part of the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program because it helps the Soldiers to be more resilient by developing them physically, emotionally and socially. I just finished the Crossfit foundation course, and noticed some things that are critical in the holistic development of a Soldier. Crossfit not just build the individual physically by doing exercises, but it also build them emotionally by pushing them to the limit and beyond. It also helps to have a group of people pushing you along the way doing the same exercises, which helps in building a social network of people doing the program. During the foundation course it was very noticeable the camaraderie among the students and instructors to help each other to do the exercises right, and to push the group to the limit. As the person progress, his or her self-esteem increases after finishing each exercise routine. Socially, the people that do crossfit are always talking among them about their accomplishments, or how they felt after a workout. Each person will be physically and mentally fit to cope with situations. Crossfit allows the Soldier to conduct all kind of common or uncommon tasks, and that is very important because a Soldier never knows what he or she will encounter in combat. Crossfit is a solution to help our Soldiers to cope with all the situations they encounter during their careers, and become more resilient. Bottom line Crossfit is an integral part of the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program because it helps to develop the Soldier physically, emotionally and socially.
By CPT (P) Khan Hernandez, Ali SG14D