Sep 3, 2009

FRIDAY 090904

The Volkswagen

For Time:
21, 15, 9 reps of:
Bench Press @ Body Weight
Pull Ups

Compare to 090625

Scale this as necessary.

Post time to comments.


RW said...

This WOD exposes one of my big weaknesses, the bench press

BW = 190

Time = 12:35

Scaled to 185 after first set

Phil B said...

Thank you uptie for highlighting a massive area for improvement. ridiculous.

BW = 160

As rx'd: 6:00

J. Bell said...

I learned 2 things from this WOD:

1. Never underestimate the workout...They all suck!! When will I learn?

2. I need to loose weight. These body weight workouts kill me.

Bench Wt = 195
Time: 6:25

Brian said...

BW: 185
(5# improvement over last time)
Bench: 135
(Sustained all but ~4 reps-thanks Chris, sig improvement)
Pullups: as Rx'd (green band last time)
Time: 13:53

Wayne L said...

BW 200: Did first 10 @ 195 then scaled back to 185.
Did first 4 pull ups then scaled with green band.
Doing the benches w/o a spotter does make you take a little mre skeptical as to what you can knock out in a set.

upty03 said...

I need to 1) get stronger or 2) be less FAT!


Did first 14 reps at BW, and then scaled back to 185.


pd said...


BW = 165#

Scaled to 145# on rounds of 15 and 9. Spotter was key for keeping the intensity high. Thanks Rob.

Max said...

As Rx'd, 17:04

Probably should have scaled, but once I got 1/2 way through the first round I didn't want to stop.

Nick said...

1st set did 185# BW 195.
2nd set did 185# until the 10th rep.. when weight suddenly wouldnt leave my chest.. luckily another weightlifter helped me out!
Scaled massively to 135 to finish 2nd set.. did 135 on third set. Pull ups - should have used a band.. sloppy..

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

Meg: scaled to 65# for first set, 1/2 second set. Should have scaled to 60# but did to 55# without doing the math. Green band PUs. 10:38