Sep 7, 2009

TUESDAY 090908


For time:
21-15-9 reps of
Deadlift 225 pounds
Handstand push-ups

Compare to 090501.

Post time to comments.
If you are unable to do HSPUs, then this becomes a "skills" day for you - YOU DO NOT TIME YOUR EFFORT! Simply do the deadlift reps, then hold yourself in a handstand against the wall for 5 seconds for each HSPU rep.

Form is critical on the HSPUs. Just like with everything else with CrossFit, keep your core tight. Don't go into the wall and become an upside down space invader - your body position should look the same as if you were doing shoulder presses.

There are tons of CrossFit Journal articles on handstand drills. There are also free clips here:


julie said...

10.06 Scaled: 95# DL (that was my 1 rep max two months ago), modified HSPS...real victory in the warm-up did 9 Pull-ups without band PR by 3

Phil B said...

multiple nights of 3-4 hours of sleep is catching up with me. neat.

as rx'd: 8:55 (for p and j)

jeffrey.paine said...


DLs as Rxed
HSPU - 21 full on 1st rd; 7 full + 8x 5s hold on 2nd rd; all 9x for 5s hold on 3rd rd

Lots of fun

CK said...

As rx'd: 8:30.

I don't know why I keep underestimating some workouts! My form slipped a little on the DL's.

For anyone interested in meeting up for a workout -- Damon & I will do the WOD tomorrow around 1300hrs.

Max said...

8:40 (PR) as Rx'd


Damon said...

Got a little light headed on those HSPU's, but knocked 'em out.

as rx'd- 7:48

I need to warm up the back a little more before doing this one next time.

Jeff said...

scaled and concentrated on proper form on DL


Neil said...

Scaled dl on 3rd set to work on dorm.
Tried HSPU, scaled to high elevated PU.
Worked on double unders and biked to round it out.

Brian said...

Complete CFWU, then worked on skills
Culminated on DL's @225 after 21
Did 85# Shldr presses to work on strength for HSPU's.

I know there are a lot of other new crossfitters: don't be afraid to post- it is enouraging to others to see the progress from new to "as Rx'd".

B_A said...

First ever WOD!

DL 90# (concentrated on form)

skills dev on HSPU:
1) 2x (wall), 3x 5s holds, 16x 5s Head/Hand Stand holds (concentrated on good form coming down)
2) 15x 5s Head/Hand Stand holds
3) 5x 5s Head/Hand Stand holds, 1x handstand hold (only touched wall for split sec!)..then epic fails :)

Nick said...

1st set
225# x 10
185# x 6
135# x 5

2nd set
225# x 5
185# x 5
135# x 5

3rd set
225 x 5
185 X 4

HSPUs.. yeah I suck.. Need to work at the basics of this.. I didnt read the 5s part on the blog.. what I did was sort of face the wall and get my feet up as high as possible. More work on this is needed.

9:06 on time