Sep 11, 2009


Rest.....or attend the Kettlebell Cert!

There are still slots, you can register, or just find out more information, using the link to the right. See you there.

Update on Fort Leavenworth Functional Fitness Gym at Harney
I have been getting tons of questions, and there much new information, so here is what I know:
By September 30th, a protective rubber flooring will cover the left side of the west basketball court in Harney Gym, this will be the initial location for the Functinal Fitness Gym (FFG).
Shortly thereafter - probably within the first ten days of October - equipment will move into the space. The equipment will come from three different sources:
1. Some equipment will move over from Gruber.
2. Some equipment will be purchased by various agencies on post.
3. Operation Phoenix is donating the remainder.
What is Operation Phoenix?
Originally, Operation Phoenix was a CrossFit initiative to raise the necessary funds to equip the entire United States Marine Corps with functional fitness equipment to increase combat preparedness, reduce injury, and strengthen unit cohesion through non-profit sales, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations. Every penny raised went directly to "America's Fighting Force," the USMC.
Recently, Operation Phoenix expanded its charter to include all branches of the military. Broad, general, and inclusive, right?
To this point, Operation Phoenix has supported the Functional Fitness Gym at Fort Hood's Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Campus.
So take a look at purchasing one of their t-shirts to support the cause, because the cause is supporting you! They make a great gift, so buy everyone you know one for Christmas.
So what will the gym look like, what will be in it? Barbells, bumperplates, rowers, places to do pull-ups, kettlebells, medballs, boxes, jumpropes, and a bunch of other stuff to make that one good hour of the day even harder to ruin during the other twenty three.

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