Sep 13, 2009

MONDAY 090914

Two rounds of:

3 Overhead Sqts
6 Push Jerks
9 Front Squats
12 Power Cleans
Run 400m

Rxd weight is 135lbs however must complete in 15 minutes so scale as necessary. If you attempt at 135 and come in over 15 minutes, penalty is to row 500 meters.


jeffrey.paine said...

14:33 @ 115 lbs.

Just missed the rower. . .

RW said...

12:20 as rxd

The 2nd round was a lot harder than the first. I finished round 1 in 5 min and lost over 2 min on round 2.

Heather said...

45# and rowing

Jeff said...

scaled 95#
18:30 including 500m row

CK said...

This week I'm doing a personal 'test' of the CF prescription: the German Proficiency Badge testing. I'll post my results daily instead of a WOD.

Events: Swimming, Running 3k, Long-Jump, Shot-Put, 100m Sprint, Pistol Shoot, and 15.6mi footmarch.

Sounds like constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements for Soldiers, right?

Today's events:
Standard- 200m Swim in less than 7min.

My result- 3:16.

Thoughts- It was easy and I am not a big swimmer. I sink if left unattended.

Standard- 3000m in less than 14:30

My result- 13:37.

Thoughts- I was sweating this one b/c of my knee & I haven't ran outside of CF WODs in 6months. I crushed the first 2 laps (1:23/1:30) but felt it between lap 4&5. Then just toughed it out. Side note: I ran ~15:00 on my APFT, so there was an improvement on my APFT 2-mile time.

Standard- Long Jump in 4.3 meters.

My result- Don't know exact, but it was clearly past the mark.

Thoughts- I've never done this before and after only 1 practice jump, crushed it.

Standard: Shot-put 16lb 7.75meters

My result- Well past it with only 1practice & have never done this before.

**Editor's Note: Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share my personal experiences 'testing' CrossFit against multiple sporting events I've got zero experience with. It was exciting.

Tomorrow: 100m Sprint.

Wayne L said...

scaled to 95#

brian_crystal said...

scaled to 95#
15:30 and on to the rower

upty03 said...

As RX'ed...


J. Bell said...

As Rx'ed: 13:23

Phil B said...

As rx'd but ugly. My second round OHS after the run were not good.

Gary said...

Scaled to 95# on all except power cleans(able to get 135#).
Decided to row 1000m instead of run today since I accidentally wore Chuck Taylors to the gym.

total time 15:21

D E M said...

12:38 scaled to 95 lbs.
Pretty sure my form on the OHS was weak.

Damon said...

Did the WOD as rx'd for 1st round, but on 2nd rnd couldn't hold 135# for OHS when squatting below parallel. Had to scale OHS to 115# on 2nd rnd, but the rest was as rx'd.

total: 11:48

Brian said...

11:02 w/ 95#.
OH SQT's were limitting factor, but form sucked on all, including the run.

CFE run today: 1 hr
(included route recon of 5k for this weekend).

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

45# and row, 10:11
Have decided I actually really like (???) to's a good way to kick my own butt.

B_A said...

scaled 95#, 15:18 + row
...form not good on 2nd rnd OHS, and both push jerks rnds were ugly

tried more head/hand stands and felt pretty good!

Michael said...

13:00 at 115 #
couldn't do OHS at 135 just yet...probably could have done rest, but might have met the rowing machine.

Nick said...

Yeah.. I have work to do!
Did only the bar here. finished in 10:10. Had trouble keeping steady on the OHS with more weight.. will defietly be working on this outside of WODs in the upcoming days.
Did the row as punishment for sucking at OHS.

D_E_K said...