Sep 12, 2009

KB Cert Day 1

Day 1 from the kettlebell cert, we were all pretty smoked. At the end, Coach Martone demonstrated how to do a Turkish Get-up if you are short a kettlebell.

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CK said...

So while everyone was recovering from Murph, we attended the Level 1 Kettlebell Cert downtown at the Community Center.

I'll be honest -- as it approached, I was a little apprehensive because of the amount of $$ and giving up a whole valuable weekend to swing kettlebells. If it wasn't for the NO-REFUNDS policy, I might have been tempted....

But alas, I attended and Jeff Martone's down-to-earth, articulate instruction made it super-easy to learn ALL the kettlebell exercises and how invaluable the KB is as a training tool!!

For those that are interested -- drop me an email ( and I'll schedule a KB clinic sometime.

The biggest take-aways:
Turkish Get-Up (TGU). If you've got limited resources & time, do a couple of these and it'll work you out. *Strongman standard: 100lb TGU. Yep.

How to KB snatch without breaking your forearm. Invaluable. Quote "This is NOT a form toughening exercise". I no longer live in fear of the KB snatch.

In summary, well worth the $$ & time. Thanks Jeff!