Sep 25, 2009


See you tomorrow at 0900!


C J said...

Chris- nice job with the setup and oversight of the event today. Thanks.
283 as RXed.
Much better than my last FGB of 254.

J. O'B said...

197 as RX'd. On 3SEP did 195 with a lot of scaling.
Great event. Thanks guys. Can't wait to see the pictures!

OkieDB said...

To all Iron Major CrossFitters and family that coordinated, set-up, executed and conducted FGB today, "Thank You Very Much" it was a great job for a great cause.
301 as RXd
Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

Phil B said...

Great job Chris getting this thing together and awesome work to everyone today. I'm especially proud of the last round, you guys were motivating!

Damon said...

That was a great event. Thanks Chris for coordnating the everything. Very impressed with the athletes and family...and family who became athletes today. A lot of great motivation for 9am on a Saturday.

As rx'd: 311 (PR)

I definitely attribute my PR to the great vibe you guys were putting out.

Max said...

Great event. Looks like FGB is going to break $1,000,000!

293 (PR)....and I skipped the rowing due to injury......

I concur with Damon and everyone else's comments.....the vibe was great.

Great job by everyone. We all definately increased our fitness in the physical, social, and family dimensions of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness!

Sorry, couldn't resist!

Nick said...

Great Event!.. Thanks for the voluenteers that came out from 22D (Go Roadies!) and the family members too!

Second time to do FGB.. first time was in the foundations class. I increased by 25 reps to 250 w/o scaling

CK said...

Thanks for the kudos, but they really belong to everyone who came out to support the Wounded Warrior Project!

For the 10-01 crew-- improve on the plan for FGB5 next September!