Sep 17, 2009

FRIDAY 090918

95 Pound Suck

For Time:
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Jerk

Compare to 090722.

Post time to comments.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

This one is for you Damon!

jeffrey.paine said...

This is an aptly named WOD. In the future, Damon and Dave - please keep your little disagreements to yourself.

37:05 as Rxed.

RW said...

17:11 (PR by 50 sec)

Smitty said...

Did a 65# suck instead, with back squats subbed for the front squats. Oh, and I hate you.


Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

30# like last time, but saw major improvement:
7/22-18:34 WITHOUT 21 set (started with 18)

9/18-18:22 WITH 21 set!
Now I need to work on more weight...

Max said...


Slower than last time by 5 min, but needed to slow down due to hip. OA good, though.

Jeff said...

30:00 on the dot.
Had to scale Push Jerk to 75# all other as RX'd.
It was great to work out with the other 4 guys.
Thank God for the weekend!

D_E_K said...

Wow, that sucked.


45# for first 2 rounds then 35# (if the small silver bar is, in fact, 25#) Stayed at 45# for all deadlifts and the last round of cleans.

J. Bell said...

Tough one today - aren't they all?

As Rx'ed: 22:11 - my form was actually pretty good until the 9-rep round. I was surprised.

Michael said...

28:50 as RX'd
1st time doing this one, and I'm definitely going to be feeling it all weekend...

B_A said...


scaled to 75# after 1st rnd, almost quit in the 4th rnd, form for P/J improved as I got gassed

Brian said...

Rested Fri for race on Saturday. I won my age gp for steeplechase 5k, and 7th overall (it was under-attended)

C J said...

33:05 as RXed

Brian said...

I actually did this on Monday 9/27. 56:33 as Rx'd.

IWCABTMD: last time I scaled to 65# 1/2 way through the 18 round.