Aug 18, 2009



For time:
21-15-9 reps of:


Compare to 090511

Post time to comments.


Brian said...

Thrusters @ 95#

For the running/endurance class, I will meet you at the bleachers in Gruber at 1330.

Brian said...

Fran as Rx'd: 20:07
Last time: 65# thrusters and hopping pullups. That is progress.

upty03 said...

5:14 as RX'ed

20 seconds faster than PR

Max said...

5:49 with life threatening calf injury....

CK said...

Thanks Brian for the CFE I know what all those weird exercises are....wait, deja vu!

Today was an awesome workout -- Damon really pushed me hard. I think we both got PRs today!

First time doing Fran I scalled to 75# and did it in 6:36.

Second time doing Fran I added 20# (as Rx'd) and did 6:45.

Today, as Rx'd = 4:46! (PR+)

So for anyone new to CF --- it works!

Jeff said...

First Fran ever

75# Thrusters
strict pull-ups

Looking forward to the classes next week and Coach's presentation tomorrow.

J. Bell said...

I hate Fran!! As Rx'ed: 5:47. Beat my last time by 2 minutes.

Heather said...

First time for Fran:
15# bar
Green PT band for pull-up

Damon said...

FREAKING FRAN...AGAIN!?!? UGGGH. Didn't we just do this one?

Anyway, it was great with Chris and I pushing each other.

as rx'd: 4:51 (PR by a minute)

Phil B said...

Thrusters remain my nemesis. Incredible work by everyone! Seriously, some sub-5 times? Get out!

As Rx'd: 5:29