Aug 12, 2009


For weight:


These are NOT sets across, work up to your 1 rep max and set a PR!

Post loads to comments.

Note: If you are having a tough time with these, check out the CrossFit Journal and the free resources on the main site!


Brian said...

Pay attention to this one: When we have a class on what we learned at the Crossfit Enduranec cert (7/18 & 7/19), this is evidence of why it is worth while:

On 7/13 I ran a 10k loop: 1:08
On 8/5 I ran the same loop: 59:32
8.5 min faster based on technique change.

on 7/16 I ran 2 airport loops (~4.73 miles): 1:34 total
on 8/13 I ran 10 miles (2 airport loops + the difference): 1:19:30
14.5 min faster for a longer distance!!!

2 factors: this time I ran with people (Thank you Gina for pushing my pace), and my improved technique helped me maintain the pace.

I had been suffering from persistent left knee pain. Since the cert, the pain has been limited to my longer runs, and heavy squat days.

The cert was SO worth it. I was skeptical, but I see and feel the results.

CK said...

Congrats Brian -- that is awesome progress! When can we get together and you show me what you learned? That's great stuff! Seriously.

Today was great working out with Damon and Jeremy. Good motivation to lift big!

Warmed up with the PVC then bar...
1-140 (ugly, but landed it)

Congrats also to Phil on his newborn....(and his paternal leave during his evil CF workouts....)

Damon said...

Brian-Awesome! From a guy who has been running competively for 25 years, watch the knee. Don't push it.

Normally, I would get excited about the word "snatch", but not today. This was a great workout, but felt the aches and pains from the week.

Warmed up and looked at starting first rep at 135#...No Go...dropped back to 115# and sets as follows:

1-135# Stuck it!!!
1a-135# NO GO!
1b-135# NO GO!
1c-135# Got it, but barely.

Thanks for the great support from Chris and Jeremy today!

Phil, great programming this month. It has been awesome, but I find it curious that your Paternal Leave fell right on the tough ones! Just kidding, congrats to you and your wife on the addition!