Aug 4, 2009


For time:

Run 10K

Possible route: Run the 2-mile track 3 times, then tack on another 1/4.

Here is another:

Post time to comments.


Brian said...

I ran a 6.3 mile loop near my home. 59.32. This was about 8.5 min faster than last time (7/13).

Phil B said...

due to my bum ankle, i chose to row 10k instead. it was awful. really, really awful.

CK said...

In the spirit of the Foundations' workout for today, we did Fran.

Last time (during the cert), we scaled the thrusters to 75# = 6:35

This time, as rx'd = 6:38.

Which means?? Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains!

(I wish I could honestly say I didn't have to look that up....)

Damon said...

Sounds like Brian was the only one to do the WOD as rx'd.

Chris and I "forgot" our running shoes this morning and for some reason thought it would be better to do Fran this morning with the Foundations class.

Anyway, Fran as rx'd- 5:50.