Aug 31, 2009

TUESDAY 090901

Not only is it payday, but Phil's month is over!

For Weight:

Front Squat

Post loads to comments.


upty03 said...

Dead Lift--275, 295, 315, 335, 350

Front Squat--165, 200, 225

Brian said...

DL: 135-205-235-255-275(fault)
New 1 rep max of 275 (20# improvement)

FS: 95-115-140
New 1 rep max of 155 (15# improvement)

Gary said...

Dead Lift- 225, 245, 275, 275, 285
Front Squat-- 95, 115, 115

I was still sore from the 300 yesterday, the stairs at L&C will be painful tomorrow.

Max said...

DL: 255-275-295
FS: 135-155-165

Probably could have done another set of each. Little short on time and heart this evening. Need to finish L200 exam....

Phil B said...

my month of suffering may be over, but I'm certain that Uptie will bring significant pain to us all. can't wait!