Aug 24, 2009

TUESDAY 090825

Breathing Ladder:

Using a 1.5 pood KB, execute 1 to 20 back down to 1 ladder, where # of breaths between sets matches reps just completed. For example, start with 1 KB swing, put it down, take one breath, then do 2 KB swings, put it down, only 2 breaths, etc. All the way up to 20 and back down.

Post time to comments.


Phil B said...

If you "panic breathe" or take too many breaths during your "rest" period, the exercise is done. The intent is to improve breath control during strenuous work (i.e. a stress shoot, call for fire after mascal, etc.) The better your overall aerobic capacity, the easier this workout will be. You may scale the KB weight, but 55# is as rx'd. Enjoy!

Phil B said...

one last addition to this exercise, because I'm sure many of you will question it. You can breathe as many times as you want while your executing the KB swings. Hope that helps.

Phil B said...

As Rx'd: 32:15
felt pretty good until the low teens on the way down. Then it felt like a race to finish.

Smitty said...

1 pood, up to 15 back down to 11 before collapsing into a useless pile of goo. 13:00

upty03 said...

As RX'ed: 27:55

Tough workout in a different way.

Thanks goes out to the afternoon crew for keeping me focused.

CK said...

This was awesome....and by awesome I mean, "I hope i can use my back again..."

This was a great drill to build mental resiliency by having to focus on breathing while lifting & cardio. The cardio didn't smoke me, but my lower back got TIGHT and I stopped at 18 (11:49).

Foundations2: We had 38 people again today outside without b-balls disrupting things.

I know the Front Squat (FS) & Overhead Squat (OHS) weren't alot of fun, but you'll want to master them BEFORE you put 135lbs over your head.

See everyone tomorrow!

Damon said...

I have to concur with Chris' comments about the WOD. I liked the drill...but my back didn't. Went with 1.5 19 on the way up, my lower back completely tighted up on me and I had to call it quits...12:43.

Great day 2 of foundations. Glad to see so many people out there. Keep up the motivation.

Gary said...

As Rx'd (with 55lb KB) 26:21
Yesterday I was croaking and dry heaving as my body attempted to expunge evil.
Today I am gasping for breath, desperate to suck in oxygen.

A method to this madness?

Awesome work out. Keep 'em comin'

J. Bell said...

Another great workout Phil. Did it as required. Went up to 20 and came down to 13 before I had to stop. Like Chris and Damon, my back tightened up big time. I'm still feeling it and am beginning to wonder if it will ever loosen up.

pd said...

Went to 10 with 1.5 pood and then to 20 with 1 pood before I lost my breath and all concentration. Hit 15, 10, and 5 on the way back down.

Great fun with the KB. We just don't see it enough.