Aug 10, 2009

TUESDAY 090811

Using between 75% and 80% of your CrossFit Total (1 rep max):

For time:
Shoulder press
Back Squat

If you missed the last CrossFit Total, include the two movements in the WoD in your warm-up, working up to your 1 rep max.

Don't be afraid to use dumbells for the presses.

Post times to comments.


jeffrey.paine said...

Did it in 19:15 with 95lb sh press and 185 lb Squats. Not fully 80% of 1RM, but I am still getting out of the PCS mode.

Thanks Phil!

Max said...

Did this one last night, still owe 30 MU for time.

93# on SP
165# on BS

I was a bit below 75%.


upty03 said...



Damon said...

Started the morning with a 3-mile run at 7:00/mi (+/- :15 sec)

Knocked out the WOD in 24:16. The shoulder press got me today.

Shoulder Press: 105# for 10-9-8, but on set 8 I dropped to singles and ultimately push press. Dropped to 95# and finished it out.

Back Squat 225#

CK said...

Not sure if we did this right, but we rotated from SP to BS at 10-9-8-7 etc.

SP:105 down to 7 reps, then due to degradation we dropped 10#


Brian said...

I felt good on this one, then realized I screwed up. I did 80# for the presses (Rx'd), but only 130# for the squats (should have been 142.5-152.0#, I planned 150, but put 25# plates when I was supposed to have 35#). No wonder it felt good. Crap. Time: 20:54

J. Bell said...

Decided to challenge myself a bit with the weight. SP = 135 and BS = 195. Squats felt good, but the SP got me. I'll have to admit that a lot of the later presses had a little push behind it. Total time = 23:52.

Good Workout Phil! I am beginning to despise you...and you're my workout partner

pd said...

Did this today and messed it up. I didn't remember that it was for time so I took my own sweet time. I got the work in but didn't have the additional stress of having to do it quickly. BS-140 and SP-65.