Aug 6, 2009

Scaling and Joshie

There was a lively discussion, paired with colorful descriptions, of our WOD, Joshie, the other day. A few thoughts -

1. If you couldn't get through it all the way with L-PUs, fine, no biggie. Next time, do as many as you can, record the number, then switch over to regular pull-ups. The next time you do the same WOD, compare the round / rep you reached with L-PUs. If it is higher, you have increased your work capacity. Congrats.

2. Try using rings for L-PUs. They are easier in terms of maintaining your balance. Nylon gives when you push on it, so you are not "fighting the bar" while you do the PUs, hence you can stay in the "L" position instead of pivoting out. I am not concerned with qualifying for the 2010 CF games, so again, no biggie. It is still 126 pull-ups.

3. I sub'd 75# power snatches for DB snatches in round 1 and 3 - no DBs at house. It was awful.

4. I sub'd 35# KB snatches for the DB snatches in round 2. Again, awful.

5. Also, ignore whatever Damon posts. He is a genetic freak.

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