Aug 30, 2009

MONDAY 090831


For Time:
25 Pullups
Deadlift 135/95 pounds, 50 reps
50 pushups
50 box jumps (24" box)
50 floor wipers using 135/95 pounds
50 reps, kettlebell clean and press using 35/20 pound KB
25 pullups

Scale as necessary!

Post time to comments.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

I posted a link to a video in the title.....there are a ton of videos on youtube.....

julie said...

25 PU (blue band)
50 DL 65#
50 PS
50 BJ
50 FLWP (bar wt only)
50 KBCL (20# WB)
25 PU (blue band/green band)
I thought this one would go quicker than 30 time

upty03 said...

19:28 as RX'ed

J. Bell said...

Good work Upty.

As Rx'ed: 20:41.

I'd like to say that this was a perfect WOD to end Phil's month of horror. Good stuff this month Phil! I think we have all gotten stronger.

upty03 said...

Phil's month of horror is up, my ready for a "few" pull-ups!

upty03 said...

BTW...not sure why he is not posting, but Ryan Wylie came in sub 17:00...pretty impressive.

CK said...

Wow, just when I thought I was getting 'fit' I learn something new.

Today's lesson was: don't eat a $5 footlong before the '300'.....

After a few of the kettlebells, had to scale to 25#(?) because I didn't have the technique.


Sub 20 is impressive...sub 17 is inhuman. Great job everyone -- including Phil.

And now that Phil's month is over, we can resume our friendship.

Heather said...

25 PU- green band
50 DL- 75#
50 PS- last 15 on knees
50 BJ- step ups
50 FLWP- 20 #
50 KBCL- 20#-30/10#-20
25 PU- green band

Smitty said...

A truly evil workout. I hit the wall during the kettlebells, and no cheering section to keep me going. Finally completed the workout in 33:50.

Damon said...

Not sure if "chipper" is the right word for this work about "meat grinder?" Those kettle bells whooped my butt. Certainly interesting cleaning and pressing two at the same time.

Anyway, as rx'd 21:57

Good foundations class today by COL Monroe. "Picking things off the ground" is always awkward when you're just using PVC. Most seemed to get the gist of the movements. Just remember to take it light and focus on technique the first time you do these with load...we don't want anyone to torque their back.

Brian said...

Good crowd today. CK's comment applies to chilli as well.
I scaled KB's to 20#, and Wipers to 75#.

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

25 pullups (green band)
50 DL 65 lbs
50 pushups (last 15 knees)
50 box jump (step ups)
50 floorwipes 20 lbs
50 KB clean/press 30 10#, 20 20#
25 pullups (green band)

Max said...

18:25 as Rx'd

Did 50 single snatch and presses versus 50 doubles.....

Phil B said...

ahh yes, the 300. I did this one Tuesday (I'm a day behind, sorry Uptie) and it was all the joy I imagined it would be.

As Rx'd: 19:43

pd said...


Scaled the deadlift to 115# and the floor wipers to 115# for 24 and 95# for the final 26.