Aug 23, 2009

MONDAY 090824

Seven's Full

Four rounds for time of:
7 x Ring Dips
7 x Deadlift 225#/135#
7 x Squat Cleans 135#/95#
7 x Knees to Elbows

Post time to comments.


Brian said...

Humbling: I was just getting used to not having to scale EVERYTHING, then this-
-I knew I would have to sub dips for ring dips
-I had to scale deadlifts more than expected: 205# for 1st round, 185# the next 2 rounds. Last one, form completely broke down.
-I scaled sqt cleans to 95#, and even that was 2 distinct motions: clean, then squat. Not smooth transition.
-Knees to elbows I did as Rx'd.
I did 4 rounds on the dips, but after the fault on deadlift, I was unable to finish the other lifts. 3 Rounds: 30 min.

upty03 said...

15:06 as RX'ed

Heather said...

Ring Dips w/stool
Dead lift 95#
Cleans 45#
Knee to elbows but didn't curl up my back as in the video

I was exhausted!!

Phil B said...

As rx'd: 9:52 (PR). Finally able to do squat cleans on all four round as opposed to just a couple.

Damon said...

Great foundations class! Thanks to all of you for coming out. It exemplified what the CrossFit community is all about. Be patient with the simplicity of the foundations will see the benefits of understanding the fundamentals by the end.

As for the WOD...another great work out programmed by Phil. It was awesome having so many people doing it together.

As rx'd- 9:03 (PR...that is one of the great things about doing the WOD for the first time: it is always a PR!)

Gary said...

I had to scale the weight back and do regular dips and I still made croaking/dry-heaving noises on set 3 & 4. Once again, muy feo. Great work out.

CK said...

The WOD was a great time with everyone...watching, judging, motivating! Not alot of fun, but none of Phil's WODs are fun.

As Rx'd 11:50.

To everyone who attended Foundations1 today: you've made the first step in joining the community!

Remember 3 things:
1)Leave your ego at the door

2) Crossfit WODs are made for CrossFit FIT people, so scale everything your first time

3)Remember progression: finish the workout; then build up to doing it as Rx'd; then add intensity in the form of faster, more weight, longer distances

This is your community too -- so get the Google account and begin posting...even if its to talk about what we need to improve in instruction or ask a question!!

Max said...

12:12 as Rx'd

The squat cleans were tough....again, I hate Damon.

Good work Brian, way to power through it! The mental part is the hardest!

pd said...

15:50. Great to do the WOD with the group today. Scaled to 155# deadlift and 95# squat clean.

Croaking and dry heaving noises are awesome. Not sure what I sounded like about 1450 today but I'm sure it wasn't sounding good.

J. Bell said...

Another great workout Phil.

As Rx'ed: 9:19
(PR, but I'm going to have to work on my squat clean form).

Smitty said...

Great workout, and as humbling for me as for Brian.

1 set of ring dips, the rest on regular dip thingy

dead lift 135# (3 sets), 1 set at 95#

squat clean 95#, not a very good squat though with my back

knees to elbows degraded significantly after round 2.5

Time: 13:30