Aug 9, 2009

MONDAY 090810

For Time:
30 Muscle-ups

If you do not have muscle-ups yet, use this technique to work on your progression.

If you are still working on pull-ups, the substitue is four pull-ups and four dips per muscle-up. Yes, that is ONE-HUNDRED AND TWENTY of each. Alternate between pull-ups and dips, four at a time, until you hit one-twenty. Yes, it is a lot, but you are working on increasing your work capacity. Take as long as you need and scale as needed. Remember to focus on a full range of motion and write down everything about how you get through it so you can see you progress down the road.

If one-hundred and twenty is too many for you, no big deal. Do your best! If this is your first time, it is a start point from which you can gauge your progress.

Compare to 090513

Post time to comments.

IMCF Endurance (Week 4 Drills)

Complete drills / WOD three times this week.

Running Drills
Stable Arm Drill
Carioca: 3 x 10 both directions
Forward Lunge (exaggerated foot pulls on one side) 3 x 10 each
Wall Drill: 3 x 20 on each leg

1x through of:
4 x 1min 30sec repeats @ 100 cadence
1 drill (choice) between
1 x 6 minutes @ 94 cadence


OkieDB said...

Hello Iron Major CrossFit,
Wanted to say “Thank You” again for backing the Nutrition Cert and putting up some cash from the foundation.

Hope T-shirt sales were good.

Knocked out your 30 muscle-ups WOD today to say thank you in a CrossFit sort of way.
TIME = 19:48
I will be at the track around 17:30 to 18:00 to do the .com WOD and work on POSE if anyone is interested.

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

Phil B said...

As Rx'd: 11:55 (PR). Great group of folks today motivating each other through the wod.

CK said...

Didn't time it since I was more focused on technique than time.

Scaled using the muscle up training technique from the video. Great technique that works!

As was great getting our crew together to knock out a WOD!

Damon said...

As rx'd: 22:35. Thanks for all the support today! That was a lot harder than I thought.

Brian said...

I am stoked! It took me most of the evening, but I did all 120 Pullups and 120 dips without any bands or assists. It is time to start working on the progression.

This AM, I did the Week #4 CFE Skills.

FOr the newly introduced: Please post your progress too.

pd said...

Great motivation and training provided by COL Monroe on my muscle ups Tuesday morning. I am progressing with 14 jumping MU and then completed the other 16 subbing 4 ring pullups and 2 ring dips.

Awesome job Phil - you're getting close to Pat Sherwood.

Max said...

As Rx'd
23:11 (PR)

Heather said...

I had to scale big time!

Ring Dips w/ feet on stand- 4
Ring pull-ups w/ feet on flr- 4

Completed 15 sets before arms gave out!