Aug 20, 2009

FRIDAY 090821

Eight rounds for time:

Row 500 meters
Rest exactly two minutes.

Post total time, slowest, and fastest splits to comments.


Michael said...

27:47 as RX'd
slowest: 1:45
fastest: 1:39

Phil B said...

that was horrible. doing fran yesterday didn't help the cause either.

total time: 29:13
fastest: 1:41
slowest: 1:57 (on my 5th interval)

CK said...

That was not alot of fun! Damon & I switched out, which REALLY pushed us to make time for each other.

Time rowing: 15:55 total (not counting 2min breaks)

fastest: 1:50 (first)
slowest: 2:00 (3rd)

Now I'm going to try to walk....

Brian said...

29:07.2 as Rx'd
(15:07 total rowing)
fastest 1st: 1:43
slowest 6th: 1:58

Phil: Fran, then Nancy, then Row. Thanks...

Damon said...

I didn't do the WOD as rx'd yesterday (ran 5k w/the dogs instead), but I can only imagine how "great" all of you who did felt during the WOD today.

Today brought back bad memories of ERG workouts in Arvin Gym...

Total Time: 28:08
Fastest: 1:40
Slowest: 1:50 (#5 and #6)

Phil B said...
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Nick said...

First Cross fit workout.. Im going to the class starting next week. I wasnt prepared to get the data points requested.. However, my slowest was 1:57 and my fastest was 1:50.