Aug 11, 2009

Farm Fun

1 min per station, followed by 1 min rest (FGB style).

3 rounds of:
Tire Flip (score = #flips)
40m Shuttle Run (# lengths)
Burpess (#)
Pullups (#)

Add lowest # from 3 rnds for each station, that's your score

You can do this one behind Gruber.

Advice: Do not Google "Farm Fun" at work, especially with the content filters off!


Michael said...

Tire Flips: 4/10/9/4*
Shuttle: 6/6/6/6
Burpees: 12/13/12/12
Pullups: 18/18/15/15

*note: With the morning dew and wet grass, Jeff and I found the tire flip portion of "Farm Fun" a bit more like trying to catch a greased pig...couldn't get any grip on the tire after the first 3 flips, so for round 2&3 we switched to the smaller tire after attempting to rig up a rope on the big tire...To compensate, we cut our number in 1/2 for those rounds. So hopefully everyone who does this later in the day will be ok.

Michael said...

Sorry, total was 166.

upty03 said...

Tire: 13, 11, 11*
Shuttle: 8, 6, 6*
Burpees: 14, 12, 12*
Pull-ups: 21, 21, 21*

Total: 50

CK said...

Okay, so during morning fight club we did a "poor man's Fight Gone Bad" since CF Results was using the barbells. We did 3 rds with 1 min break:

-Air squats
-Wall Ball
-Box Jump

Good stuff. We'll see how the crossover between fight club and CF works...

I did do a sub'd farm fun in the afternoon...not alot of fun

-Tire flips: 10/8/6
-Pulls: 10/10/10
-Burpees: 16/13/13
*no shuttle due to knee.

So this added up with my FGB this morning & fight club equals ALOT. I'm spent.

Damon said...

Gained a whole new appreciation for those that grew up on a farm:

Tire: 11/11/10*
Shuttle: 6/5.5/5.5*
Burpees: 12/15/15*
Pullups: 25/21*/22

So, I guess total = 51

Heather said...

This is my first time posting since CK did not include my numbers like usual, and I wanted to support the whole tire flipping concept!

Tire Flip: 8/8/9
Burpees: 15/12/13
Pullups: 12/12/12
Shuttle: none because of knee
Total- 42

J. Bell said...

Farm fun...not so much fun!!!

Score = 45