Aug 26, 2009



3 Rounds of:
As many rounds in five minutes of:
5 reps Bodyweight Deadlift DL @ bodywt
Eight burpees
Rest one minute.

Post number of rounds completed each round to comments. Total workout time: 18 min


Phil B said...

Always fun when I get to work out with a group. Thanks Dave, Jeremy, and Pete for the motivation.
As Rx'd:
rnd 1: 6
rnd 2: 5
rnd 3: 5.5

Total rounds: 16.5

Max said...

Did I ever mention how much I loved burpees?

1: 5
2: 3.5
3: 4.5

Total = 13

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

The idea of more burpees after yesterday made me want to throw up so I swam a mile instead. Not a PR by any means, but I haven't done a mile in some time. Finished:
1st 500 yards 8:00
2nd 500 yards 8:31
3rd 500 yards 8:45
150 yards cooldown; total 27:19
and I was feeling EVERY burpee from yesterday during the swim.

J. Bell said...

Not a good day after such a tough back week. As Rx'ed: 4, 3, 3 = 10.