Jul 14, 2009


Scaled CF Games Chipper

15 barbells cleans (115 lbs. men / 75 lbs women)
30 toes to bar
30 box jumps (24 in. men / 20 in. women)
Muscle-ups (10 reps men / 5 reps women)
30 push presses (30 lbs men / 20 lbs women)
30 double-unders
15 thrusters (95 lbs men / 65 lbs women)
30 pull-ups
30 burpees
Overhead walking lunges, 50 ft. (width of basketball court (35 lbs men / 15 lbs women)

Post time to comments.

Don't be a hero. This WOD was for the fittest 32 CrossFitters in the WORLD. A few didn't finish. If you need to scale it more, do it! No shame in it! If you decide to be a hero, then by all means, feel free to up this to the CF Games weights and reps.....

Why I scaled it


OkieDB said...

Hello Iron Major,
That is awesome that FMWR is going to support the event at Gruber Gym and Iron Major CrossFit will host this event. I will get old OkieDB and his wife signed up for this great cause.

BTW Iron Major or any Iron Major/CF Results/Ft. Leavenworth CrossFitters if you would ever like to do a couple train-up FGBs on Saturday mornings or some time in my garage/basement or at Gruber let me know. Maybe even some Friday night FGBs leading up to the event. Just real hard for me to get away at 13:30 or 14:30. Just a thought.

It is also great to hear that you and Stewart are in the process of planning a CrossFit competition and social for August 9th, the day after the Nutrition Cert. My wife and I look forward to that as well.
Thanks for the work you do for the local CrossFitters.

See you at the Cert this weekend. Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

Phil B said...

good fun this afternoon.
As Rx'd.
P: 22:41

Max said...

Yeah, good times....

As Rx'd, 24:44

Damon said...

Wow, that was a smoker. It looks so easy in the video!

Scaled a little bit:
-Barbell cleans at 95#
-Thrusters at 75#
-Had to do jumping muscle-ups. For some reason I just couldn't get them going today.

Total time- 20:53

Brian said...

toes to bar, box jumps, double unders and burpees as Rx'd.
-Cleans @ 75#
-Sub'd dips for Muscle ups: 10 natural, 20 blue band
-push press: 10 @ 30#, 20 @ 20#
-Thrusters: 8 @ 75#, 7 @ 65#
-pullups: 5 natural, 15 blue band, 10 green band.
-lunges: no weight
TIME: 38:24
SELF CRITIQUE: could have done more wt on cleans, and some wt on lungs. I could have also taken less recovery between events.

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

Glad I did this one (and glad I did when a group was suffering along for some needed moto!). Found I could have used more weight on a couple of events and peaked out on one or two earlier than I expected. Good one to do again (but not soon!).

pd said...

29:45 - Lots of scaling needed on this one.

15 barbells cleans - 95 lbs.
30 toes to bar
30 box jumps
30 push presses - 25 lbs. (Should have stuck with 30 lbs.)
30 double-unders
15 thrusters - 85 lbs
30 pull-ups
30 burpees
Overhead walking lunges, 50 ft. (width of basketball court) - 25 lbs.