Jul 20, 2009

TUESDAY 090721

For Time:

Run 5K

Post time to comments.

Start at sidewalk in front of Gruber Gym (on Reynolds Ave).
Run Counter Clockwise.
Finish at light pole at intersection of McDowell & Reynolds


pd said...

27:36. It's been a while since I pulled my running sneaks on and the hills by my house were killer. At least I got to spend some quality time with our lab - Molly.

Max said...

26:13. I was able to run using POSE a little bit, but it hurts. Need to get faster, goal is to break 23:00

Damon said...

Nice route, but a little long. I officially hit 3.1 miles (as per Garmin) at 18:50, but route as rx'd 3.48 miles 20:15.

Brian said...

Route distance was based on mapmyrun.com I hope Damon is right, as I was dissappointed with my 28:36.