Jul 13, 2009

TUESDAY 090714

With a continously running clock, do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second and so on. Record total number of rounds in comments.

Compare to 090507


Max said...

Last time = 14 + 9
This time = 15 + 5


Phil B said...
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Phil B said...

Thought it'd be fun to do this one on the rings. It wasn't.

P: 13 + 7
J: 12 + ??, 6 I think.

CK said...

A new PR...10 + 6. Definately wasn't as 'easy' as I thought it would be.

pd said...

Improvement over last time - 10+8 to 11+5.

Brian said...

Getting better.

Damon said...

Wow, that one was rough. Alina joked with me when I got home that I only did ONE EXERCISE...she obviously didn't experience the 'fun' of this one.

Did 15 + 10