Jul 29, 2009



As many rounds as possible in twenty minutes of:

Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

Recommend doing this one at the Jr HS track.

Post number of rounds and pull-up reps per round to comments.


CK said...

This wasn't as much 'fun' as I thought it would be....

Did it at the school track and pullup bars using running shoes instead of the 5-fingers.

Completed 6 reps in 20min. 10 pullups each time.

Good news: my knee didn't hurt much and I kept up with Damon (for the 1st lap).

Bad news: my mental strength WRT cardio got weaker...my times slowed on each lap. But at least now I know my knee isn't as bad as I thought it was....

Brian said...

I used today as my makeup filthy f'n 50's. 59:39.
I did the CFE wk#2 skills in the AM.

Damon said...

Yeah, I am with Chris...thought this would be a little more fun than the suckfest it turned out to be.

On a side note...are Jr. HS kids getting smaller or am I just getting taller? Those were the shortest bars I have ever seen!

Completed 8 rounds in 20 min.
1:29/15 (Almost kipped on this one!)
1:30/10 (saved mid-PU by the buzzer)

Great twist on every runner's "favorite": quarter repeats!

P.S. Glad to see Chris finally remembered his password so he can start posting again! Now if he can only remember to set his alarm in the morning! Love ya Brother!

Max said...

Was able to hold POSE form throughout, but it slowed me down. My calves are killing me.

6 rounds, 21,18,14,13,12,13

91 PUs total