Jul 15, 2009


Five rounds of:

Max reps, bodyweight back squat
Max reps, bodyweight bench press

Move directly from one exercise to the next. Rest exactly two minutes between rounds.

Post number of reps and load to comments.


CK said...

This wasn't as 'easy' as it looks. Bodyweight: 170#

R1: Squat 20 / Bench 15
R2: Squat 18 / Bench 6
R3: Squat 18 / Bench 7
R4: Squat 17 / Bench 5
R5: Squat 15 / Bench 5

I'm happy/surprised with my squats b/c I thought my knee wouldn't holdup.

Not too impressed with my bench, but it's a good start!

Damon said...

Wow, I'll be feeling that one tomorrow!

At 165 lbs:
Squat/ Bench
35/ 14
27/ 12
20/ 9
18/ 6
15/ 6

Made for an interesting drive home working the clutch! Hope I can walk tomorrow.

pd said...

Need work on these two exercises:
Body weight is ~170, but I had to scale from there.

R1: Squat(135)-6 / Bench(160)-8
R2: Squat(140)-5 / Bench(170)-6
R3: Squat(145)-4 / Bench(170)-6
R4: Squat(145)-4 / Bench(170)-4
R5: Squat(145)-3 / Bench(170)-3

A spotter would have been key on the Bench.

Brian said...

Concur that spotter would have been useful.
Bench: 135, Sqt 115
1-3: 8/10
4: 7/10
5: 5/10

Ready for more wt on both, esp squat.

Ran airport loop twice (4.73 miles each for 9.46 miles total): 3 min faster second lap.

Max said...

At 175:

7 / 5
8 / 4
7 / 4
6 / 3
6 / 3

I did this one last Oct, and I was suprised to see an improvement in my squats. (Yeah, I know what you are thinking) My bench went down a bit, but that was to be expected with since I can't remember the last time I did bench presses....

Oh yeah, I hate Damon.

Chris, your knee didn't pop because of all the squats, cleans, thrusters, boxjumps, and wallballs you have been doing....using that full range of motion, it is getting stronger.