Jul 19, 2009

MONDAY 090720

For Weight:
Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

Compare to 090424

IMCF Endurance:
Ball of foot hops with forward lean 3 x 3
Wall Drill: 3 x 20 on each leg
Forward lunge (exaggerated foot pulls on one side) 3 x 10 each

2 rounds of:
4 x 30 sec @ 94-96 cadence
1 drill (choice)
1 x 2 min @ 91 cadence


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

The Endurance Cert was great! If you didn't get the chance to go, there is a kettlebell cert in September. A great opportunity to attend a cert withou travel costs.

monroe said...

Today I just played around, recovering from a great weekend camping trip with the family. Did 30 MU (16:50), practiced handstands, overhead lunges with 45lbs, 30+30 GHD SU/BE, and 4x 440 on the track.

Phil B said...

As Rx'd. Not a lot of rest between sets, I was pushed to get home ASAP.

SP: 135-135-145(x)-135-145(x)
PP: 145-155-155(x:2/3)-155(x:1/3)-145
PJ: 155-155(x:3/5)-165(x:4/5)-155-165(x:1/5, attempt 2 was UGLY!)

CK said...

Not quite understanding the second part of the WOD -- and not owning a metronome, we only did the lift part.

SP: 130, 135x3, 140
PP: 135x4, 145
PJ: 125x5

All the classes, greasing, and practice really showed in our technique!

I swear the hardest thing was bringing the weight back down after getting it up!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...


I will set up a time to so over the POSE method of running with everyone. Let me know if you have any preferences. OkieDB, Brian, Phil, and I all hit the cert. The drills are simple, and the concepts are not that difficult either.

You can get a metronome here:

Max said...

One of these days I am going to break 135lbs on my SP.

125 130(f) 125 130 135
115 125 125 135 145
115 125 135 140 145

Completed running drills. Hard to stay in tempo....

Damon said...

Good workout. I definitely need to strenghten the shoulders!

As RX'd:
SP: 125-130-130-130-130
PP: 135-135-135-135-135
PJ: 135-125-125-125-125

I dropped a little bit of weight on the PJ's and regained control of my form. I found bringing the weight back down to the rack position the most tiring and energy consuming.

Brian said...

I did the CFE drills, then yesterday's CFE WOD (4x800 w/ 2min rec). Finally, I did the WOD as Rx'd.

I must have been fun to watch on the metronome drills.
1)3:40.1 Hi
3)3:36.7 Low
Delta: 3.4 sec (just over the 3 sec goal).

1SP:1)85#, 2-5)90#
3PP:1)95#, 2)100#, 3)105#, 4,5)110#
5PJ:1-4) 110#, 5)105#

pd said...

Press: 1-5: 110
Push press 1: 110 and 2-5: 115
Push jerk 1-5: 105

I would definately be interested in learning some of the POSE drills. I saw Stewart in the gym yesterday morning and he said the cert was great.