Jul 12, 2009

MONDAY 090713

Welcome back!
This week we will all have a shot to do the WODs from the CF Games.

Three rounds for time of:
30 reps, hang squat snatches (75lbs men / 45lbs women)
30 wall ball shots (20 lbs men / 14 lbs women)

Compare yourself to the competitors at:

Please let me know if you beat anyone....

Post time to comments.


Phil B said...

Jeremy and I went a little random today to get back into some lifts. we'll make up today's WOD later in the week.
95 lbs throughout...
3 x 12 front squat
3 x 12 OHS
3 X 8 push press
3 x 10 push jerk
3 x 12 squat cleans
3 x 10 hang power cleans
3 x 5 snatch

still sucked.

CK said...

CK scaled the snatches to 65lbs. Time: 15:05

Heather scaled snatches to 25lbs and med ball to 10lbs. Time: 14:30.

I could feel my form slipping alot as I progressed on the snatches!

Maybe we should've worked on lift skills like Phil did because we crashed on the couch as soon as we got home!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

26:19 as Rx'd

This was one of the most terrible experiences of my life. Why? Is because I muttered the words, "This doesn't look that bad," before starting up. Yeah, it was awful, it hurt, but I got through it. What was I thinking?

90 reps of each......

Damon said...

Like Chris, I scaled snatches to 65lbs. Time- 13:05.

This was a good workout. Definitely found "intensity." This was the first time I've ever done a hang snatch, so I scaled back to 65lbs. I certainly felt my form evaporate towards the end. I probably should have slowed down and made sure I did them better.

Brian said...

I did not get as much time in the gym as I hoped, but but I did get some valuable instruction from Dave on today's lift. Thank you. At home, I worked on it a little more and watched the CF video clip on it.

My wallball is improving- much better than my last Fight Gone bad.