Jun 9, 2009


For Weight:

Push Jerk

You are attempting to get your 1-rep max for the push jerk. This is not sets across.

Post loads to comments.


OkieDB said...

Hello Iron Major,
Max knocked out your WOD today.
Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
1= 185 (PJ)
1 = 185 (Split)
1= 195 (PJ) FAILED
1 = 195 (PJ)
1 = 195 (Split)
1 = 205 (PJ)
1 = 205 (Split) UGLY very Ugly but a GO
Man I can’t wait to get bumpers for my basement. After my trip to Disney World next week I will order some.

I was also over by CGSC and picked up one of your Iron Major shirts. I know I have yet to get in a WOD with you, but wanted to support the cause. Nice design Iron Major your shirts are Bad A. I actually hope to drop by for a bit at the foundations class tomorrow. 13:30 in the Gruber Gym combatives room???

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

CK said...

Today Damon & I covered Foundations lesson 1 for four people who missed Pat's lesson yesterday due to an offsite.

Lessons learned:
+Good for us as instructors
+Forced me to do some internet research (history of CF, Tabata etc)
+Key to having a 2nd instructor to demo and help making corrections
-Not as smooth as we'd have liked to be on our transitions
-We used the cue cards (proper setup, faults, & cues) but had to refer to them more than I'd like

On to the WOD -- started low and greased the groove:
95lb x5
115lb x5
135 x2
145 x2
155 x1
155 x1
155 x1
155 x1
155 x1
165 x1

Tough choice using the squat rack -- can't drop the weights, but you get to use the mirror to form/technique

See everyone tomm at the Foundations

pd said...

My in laws are coming to town tomorrow so I did the MAMAPITH WOD. That's "mow as much as possible in two hours." Needed a break, but will hit it hard tomorrow morning.

SPK said...


Reached 225 (all PJs). Thought I may go higher, but remembered my last DL 1RM.

pd said...

Thursday morning - 125#.