Jun 15, 2009

TUESDAY 090616

For Weight:


These are not "sets across." Work towards your 3-rep max. Try not execute the lift and then drop the bar. Remember, lock in that lumbar curve, extend your legs first, ensuring your shoulders and hips rise at the same rate, then open the hips once the bar passes your knees.

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monroe said...

Warmed up with some handstand & snatch work.
WOD: Worked up from 225 to 270 using strict form. Did 3 HSPU's between DL sets.

Phil B said...

My form is improving but my wt went down a little.

As Rx'd. 315

Brian said...

I should have done the wod. I ran 8+ miles, but it was too hot. Swam for cooldown.

Damon said...

COL Monroe is an animal! Not sure I could have/would have had the strength to knock out the HSPU's between sets. Good on you, Sir!

First time I've done deadlifts in a long time. Chris and I got up to 235 as rx'd. I need to continue to work on form. I slowly started deteriorating towards the Romanian Deadlift!

Good job at Foundations class today. I realized I have a lot to work on in order to be a good coach...Alina made sure to point that out to me after she did the WOD!

Max said...

245, 265, 275, 275, 285

Brian, have faith, your LSD runs will appear.....

Great class today, I think Col Monroe is ready to be a CFHQ trainer!

pd said...

As Rx'd. 195.

Agree with Damon. Instructing really does help you recognize the faults my own form and improvements I can make.

CK said...

Deadlifts were good time...
Started low
3x 135
5x 185
3x 205
3x 205
3x 215
3x 225
3x 235
3x 235
3x 235

I agree with Damon -- I think we're going to coach each other's wives to ensure domestic tranquility!